a August 15th, 2010

  1. It Rained & Other Good Stuff

    August 15, 2010 by myeye

    It doesn’t take much to make us desert dwellers happy.  I spent the morning with a couple of 15-year old boys cleaning up weeds and leaves in the front yard.  They filled the big can — took them 3-1/2 hours.  A former relative said when you have one boy, it’s a boy; when you have two boys it’s half a boy — yep, that’s about right.  They did a good job overall — just a little slower than I would have expected.  Perhaps minimum wage equals minimum effort?  Meanwhile I was inside, vacuuming, steam mopping. dusting.  The white tile looks so nice when it’s clean.  The buyers could come look at the house and I wouldn’t be too embarrassed — or maybe not . . .

    . . . because then it rained.  The rain isn’t a problem, it’s the thunder.  As soon as there is a big clap. the four idjit dogs race out the dog door to chase the thunder away.  They then return and leave cardi mud prints all over the floor.  Sigh!

    Leidy seems to have started her season today –just  a little bloody show.  Chase is overjoyed so we have had a couple of marking incidents in the house.  Did I tell you I steam mopped the floor?  Yeh — I mentioned that.  Darned dogs.

    Holmes is leaving Friday to visit with Wendy for ten days — half of which time will be spent in Topeka.  So, it looks like he will be gone when Leidy hits the zenith of her season.  Thank doG!  Life will be much easier if he is not here explaining to his dad why Leidy belongs to him.  That announcement by the baby would result in a serious lesson from Chase.  Tentative litter due date:  after October 25th.

    I LOVE puppies and can barely wait.  We’ll have brindles and probably some reds — maybe tris.  Go Chase and Leidy!