a August 21st, 2010

  1. Start Counting

    August 21, 2010 by myeye

    Leidy and Chase were bred last night and tonight.  Though this is only day 8 from when she first showed color, Chase found her slightly boring this evening.  Based upon the 12.5 Progesterone reading on Wednesday morning, she probably ovulated on Monday night or Tuesday morning — so yesterday and today all the puppy eggs should have ripened.  Time to start counting.  Puppies are expected on Tuesday, October 19th.  I just want a cute little Chase/Leidy daughter to show in Bred-By.  Possible colors:  reds and brindles for sure — and maybe some tris.  Okay, little Leidy-Lou — now it’s all up to you.

    Leidy’s mom, the indefatigable Inca, is healing well.  She’s trotting a bit, not struggling when she goes up and down the door step.  Nothing impairs her appetite.  Holmes is in Colorado with Wendy, playing happily with her Akitas.  They’ll be in Topeka Wednesday evening for the four day/5-show cluster.  Chase will visit Dr. Larry on Thursday to get his hall-pass so he can hop his Delta Flight to Atlanta on Saturday morning.

    Tomorrow morning the two teenage boys are supposed to be here to help take everything out of the garage so I can decide what stays and what becomes yard sale fodder.  I think a lot of  “stuff” can go away!