a August 23rd, 2010

  1. Office Dog — Tattered Inca

    August 23, 2010 by myeye

    Inca is today’s office dog.  My new office mates think she is sweet and cute, plus cannot get over those little 3″ legs going up and down the stairs.  My office is now up 22 steps.  We have counted them.  (I tell myself it is good for me.)  Inca has navigated the stairs 15 times today.  Apparently she feels an obligation to be each person’s office dog for part of the day.  So she spends time in Matt’s office, and then moves into Jennifer’s, comes back to flop on my floor, goes downstairs to keep Debi company, then hangs out with Haley.  When someone comes in the front door, she goes down to greet the guest.  When someone opens the refrigerator (which is downstairs), she has a hopeful attack and heads down.  She’s not nearly as stiff as she was for the few days following the dog fight, and this exercise might be good for her.

    Inca Visits Jennifer 8-23-2010

    Inca on Stairs 8-23-2010Cell phone photos — forgive the quality, please.