Looks Like I Bought a House

August 22, 2010

Such a sense of desperation — being in an unhappy circumstance at home.  Though I take dogs to day care and to the office each day, I worry that one of the two left at home decided to bark (because that is what dogs do — even gooddogs — which, I hear, some people own).  I don’t feel I can go to the grocery store because it’s too hot to leave dogs in the car, and they aren’t permitted to run the aisles at Trader Joe’s.  If I leave them home for the 45 minute trip, they might bark and disturb the neighbors.

The house my client found for me in Los Lunas turns out to have been foreclosed and will be auctioned off in early September.  It’s always difficult to outbid the bank, and I wouldn’t know what was going to happen until after the sale — that’s another three weeks.  I need answers sooner rather than later.

This morning I was reviewing the out-of-town homes for sale listed in the Albuquerque Journal.  One ad leaped off its column and shouted at me to call the number.  I waited until 8:00, woke the broker up.  Drove down to Los Lunas and met him at the Dion’s on the main drag.  We drove about 6 miles east of the Village to a private road.  It dead ends into a 140,000 Acre ranch.  A retired couple has already basically moved to a home near their kids and their house is for sale for less than they paid for it.  It’s on an Acre, has a vacant Acre next to it.  Wonderful community well water, natural gas, high speed internet is available.  The furnace, hot water heater, and evaporative cooler have all been replaced within the past three years.  The septic tank was replaced with a much larger one in 2008.  One side of the land is fenced and there is an interior fence around the patio in the back.  The house is just shy of 2000 square feet.  It has three full baths.  The third one (right next to the laundry room and door to “what will be a garage”) will lose its bathtub in favor of a booster bath and built in grooming table.

The master suite has an adjoining sitting room — don’t know why they’d call it that when it’s really a new puppy room.  Total — four bedrooms and the puppy room, a living room, family room, bright island kitchen, formal dining room, kitchen breakfast bar, and the three baths.  Best of all, I can afford it.

The paperwork is sitting here.  I am meeting with the Realtor tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning to sign everything.  Wow!  Scarey.

The plan:  a handyman will go into the new house and retape all the drywall, float the walls, re-texture and paint it all white.  Then he’ll pull up the carpet in the bedrooms (the general living areas are all oak parquet) and he’ll lay Pergo.  Finally, new molding all around and French doors replacing the patio slider.  I’ll move.  The handyman will come to the townhouse, patch and repaint.  I’ll have the tile cleaned and will re-carpet the stairs and bedrooms.  We’ll sell the townhouse.  Then I’ll build the garage and do the exterior fencing, have the acre scraped and the weeds and “stuff” hauled away.  I’ll seed with buffalo grass and native wildflower seeds, then hope for some rain.

Ya’ll come visit — hear?

Across the street 8-22-2010

master bath - garden tub 8-22-2010

dining-kitchen-to laundry 8-22-2010


  1. Garrett says:


    I’m so excited for you! How awesome! I’d love to come to the SW to visit all my dog friends. Four states I haven’t visited yet…AZ, NM, NV, UT.

    I’m always up for a roadtrip!

  2. Shelley says:

    I fell in love with my house from a listing too 🙂 And its been perfect. I hope you will be just as happy with yours!

  3. Kathy M. says:

    Wow…what an awesome find! I had the same thing happen years ago when I bought my first condo here in California – just saw the adverisement and knew it was “the one.”

    What a great place for the dogs! Or as a friend of mine said when he heard about a mutual friend who purchased her house for the sake of her dogs, “Pretty expensive dog house.” (But it has proven to be well worth every penny!)

    Congratulations! Definitely gotta do a road trip from CA to see it!

  4. Traci says:

    Congrats Penni! 🙂 I’m hoping to have that same feeling when I buy my first house… I look forward to seeing the new place as it comes along!

    And for the record – Garrett – if you’re interested in visiting AZ, I have plenty of extra space and a doggie door! 🙂 Come on down!! 🙂 (tho I would suggest waiting until it’s not 500 degrees outside)

    • C-Myste says:

      February is a great time to visit Traci.

      Though I’m thinking fall or later spring would be better for Penni. It can be freakin’ cold in NM in February.

  5. Taryn says:

    Ooooh, what exciting news! I look forward to seeing more pictures as you personalize it to your needs….Congrats!

  6. lybertygirl says:

    Wow how exciting! Janet and I need an excuse to come your way!

  7. Nancy says:

    Congrats! I found mine on the internet and tried to talk myself out of it. (‘Twas not to be!) That house has had your name on it and was just waiting for you to find it. I predict puppies near Albuquerque in the near future…

  8. Jean from NM says:


  9. Oh hey cool! Does that invitation extend to vizslas? 😉

  10. kaye says:

    Exciting!!! Look into cork floors for flooring options, its really good for your back(seriously!!!)

  11. Alden says:

    Visit? Heck, I’m moving in! Penni, it’s gorgeous. You and the BADDOGS will be so much happier.

    I can’t wait to see it in March.


  12. sandy says:

    Wow…all those rooms in 2000 sq. ft.! Looks great…how long will your commute be to work? Is the townhouse market in Albuquerque good now? I hope it sells quickly! Congrats!

  13. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Looks GREAT, Penni! Although, I would have to do something about all those mirrors where I would be nekked! EEEK! Although, I would be in there without my glasses, so MAYBE it would be okay! I love the idea of the puppy/sitting room! Great setup! Whoo-hoo!

  14. Beautiful!! I hope it happens! I’d love to visit beautiful NM someday 🙂

    Are you sure it’s far enough from neighbors that there won’t be barking dog drama? I hope so!

  15. Jean says:

    Cool Hope you enjoy it. Make sure you get a home inspection.
    I am sure you and the dogs will love it .

  16. How exciting!! Rus and I are still searching for that perfect place for us and the 4 legged kids, while working on our house to put on the market. Unfortunately, everytime we think we’re getting one step closer, something comes up and knocks us back 2 steps…grrrrrr! We’ll keep working throughout the winter, and have it ready to go first signs of spring, and keep looking in the meantime.

    Can’t wait to see pictures!! 🙂 I’m TOTALLY jealous!! Congrats!