Pretty Rosie — Report From the Front

August 1, 2010

A few posts ago (July 20th), I mentioned that this darling Chase/Magic daughter is looking for a show home.  Here are some shots of her pretty front (which I omitted in the last post).  She’s such a cutie, with a beautiful easy side gait.  If I wasn’t in such deep do-do with my neighbors, I’d bring her here in a heartbeat to grow her up.

Rosie stacked front2 8-1-2010

Rosie - stacked front 8-1-2010


  1. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Ooooh, she does have a lovely front! What a total cutie pie! If she wasn’t so close in age to Treasure, I’d think about her myself!

  2. dawn says:

    I cant have another dog, I cant have another dog, I really cant-dang, I really like her.