September, 2010

  1. Here’s The Chase/Leidy Puppy Poll

    September 30, 2010 by admin

    Puppies are due on October 19th. Tie breaker will be numbers of boys and girls; second tiebreaker will be number of brindles, reds, and tris. Chase and Leidy will send the winner a nice surprise (not a puppy). So besides voting, you may leave a comment with the number you’ve guessed and the tiebreaker answers.


  2. Happy Dirty Dogs

    September 28, 2010 by myeye

    Today was the day.  I left the dogs with their dog door and their acre — I went to work.  They had access to the laundry room, family room and kitchen.  They hauled in roots and old pieces of wood.  Leidy must have stuck her feet in the mud around our tree.  It’s also clear they rolled in the dirt and ran the fence with the big dogs next door.  Inca and Leidy are getting along with each other, and Holmes is simply stupid-boy-dog-happy.  They agree that this was a great move from a dog’s perspective.

    I called Dr. Donny today and Leidy’s puppy x-ray is set for October 15th (day 59), as is the closing on my townhouse.  Donny’s staff is so excited that there will be Chase puppies here — he’s a big hit at the clinic (that’s the repro vet).  Meanwhile my friend Enrique has a crew at the townhouse — they took out the carpet yesterday, today they were painting, tomorrow and Thursday they will lay the new flooring upstairs.  My buyer wanted to pay the additional $800 to lay the laminate flooring.  She picked out her carpet for the stairs.  Last time we were over there I caught her caressing the washer and dryer (she has an apartment stack where she lives now).  Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, the crew will run the tile/grout cleaning machine.  Monday the appraiser will go through.  Once it’s closed, the guys will begin constructing the garage/dog pen room at the Los Lunas house.

    All’s good — just ask the sacked out bodies spread on the living room floor — I don’t think they’re watching NCIS.

  3. Little Leidy — So Pregnant

    September 28, 2010 by myeye

    Puppies are due in about three weeks.  Leidy can’t (doesn’t want to) go up and down the little step to the patio.  She’s decided the dog door/ramp are much more comfortable.  She’s no longer the leader of the pack racing to bark at the dogs next door — she brings up the rear.  She still barks as if she’s pretty fierce, but she’s a lot slower these days.

    I shot this photo while she flopped next to my computer desk.  She’s more companionable (with the human) these days, seems to take more naps.  I’ve increased her food a little because I think she’s nurturing a bunch of babies.  It’s very difficult to get photos that show how big she is.  Her girth is up to 24″.

    Veery Preggers 9-28-2010

    Side view 9-28-2010

    Fat frog 9-28-2010

  4. House Progress

    September 27, 2010 by myeye

    Some parts of this moving adventure are very slow, but I have some great helpers making other parts streak along.  Jesus and his guys are almost done with the privacy fence.  Wednesday they will put wrought iron fence across the back edge so that I can (someday) look out on my personal meadow.

    Lone tree inside the privacy yard 9-27-2010The lone tree in our back yard — inside our privacy area

    P9270001Inca Flashes From the Dog Door

    Mike came over today and created enough of a ramp to the dog door that I can go to the office tomorrow without wondering if my dogs are okay.  They LOVE their door and ramp and have been racing out and back in all afternoon.  The ramp will have indoor/outdoor carpeting to give them even better footing.  Mike is making a second ramp for the whelping/new puppy room.  That dog door opens into a 10′ x 6′ covered pen.  We had to move some wiring which Mike did today, and he replaced an aerator on one of the faucets and will install a new kitchen faucet when he comes again.  Rudolfo and his son Roy installed the dog doors, and motion detector lights (front and back), set up the 10 x 6 pen, and changed my outdoor knobs and deadbolts.

    Haley and her brother came over yesterday and unpacked china and kitchen stuff.  So, here’s the dining room — the wine rack isn’t hung yet which explains all the wine glassed on the table.

    Dining Room - getting there 9-27-2010Light, light, light — I love the light

    Living Room 9-27-2010Lots more unpacking to do before the living room is livable

    And then the sun went down and I remembered why I wanted to move to the country.  Please forgive the light spots — it was pretty dark when I took this.

    sunset 9-27-2010

  5. Weekend Learning the Outrun

    September 27, 2010 by myeye

    Chase is learning to go out before he selects the angle at which to approach his sheep.  Good job, Chaseman!  This was also the first time he’s worked in the rain.

    I love watching this boy smile as he learns!  By the way, Chase, your girl Leidy is so very pregnant!