a September 5th, 2010

  1. Here Sheepie, Sheepie, Sheepie — PLUS

    September 5, 2010 by myeye

    Susan put Chase on some of her mama sheep who’ve not been herded in months. She reports that he slowed when asked, stopped when asked, fetched to her (an acknowledgment FINALLY that he and she are a team). When he put too much pressure on the flock and one bolted he was prompt to cover and bring it back. He drove them at a walk. Wonderful progress for a boy that has now been herding for a week. I’m having trouble believing he’s been gone only a week because it seems like months. Susan says he works pretty well with the ducks, but understands what herding sheep is about — the Chaseman is definitely a sheepman.

    Photos tomorrow.

    adding Cheryl’s comments received this morning:

    I was incredibly impressed with how Chase worked. He IS yielding to Susan, but occasionally reluctantly. Completely understandable and expected. What amazed me is how much he was willing to yield after just a week’s worth of being together. I think it was fortuitous that Treasure came into heat upon meeting Chase so that Chase went to Susan’s house–or else we would NOT have seen this much progress this quickly. I love Chase’s enthusiasm and drive toward the sheep. Wonderful! AND you can easily see how having the obedience work and title make him much more respectful to the handler. Really, really nice work.