a September 8th, 2010

  1. About Little Leidy

    September 8, 2010 by myeye

    It’s been three weeks and a couple of days since (based upon the magic of progesterone testing) Leidy ovulated.  Her nipples are pink and a little swollen, and her tummy is taut.  She has such a svelte figure that any change is noticeable.  I think her loin is filled in a bit.  I so hope we were successful and the Leidy/Chase puppies will be making an arrival October 19th or 20th.  I measured her girth last week.  She was 20-1/2″ around.  Today she’s at 21″.  That’s miniscule, but I’ll take it.  Go, little Leidy!

  2. When the Stars Align . . .

    September 8, 2010 by myeye

    projects come together — or so I’ve heard.  I think perhaps I’ve had an alignment or two too many.  If it weren’t for Susan and Cheryl’s Chase-herding stories and photos, I probably would not have blogged for the past three weeks.

    Yes, I think there is a deadline to get the VST premium to AKC — and I think it’s now; the guys working on the house are doing a lovely job BUT need to call me at least half a dozen times a day and yesterday I had to “run” down there (40 minutes each way).  The move to the new office went well except I still can’t find everything; I must pack at home so I can move –really?  The moving fairies aren’t going to take care of it?  Holmes and I are in an Obedience Class — it could have waited, but it’s my break for the day.  He is still firmly planted in conformation and thinks sitting is evil.  It would also be nice if he came when called (at something other than break-neck speed with a leap to lick my face).

    Inca comes to work everyday because I am keeping her separate from Leidy still — just can’t handle a repeat dog fight.  She loves being at the office with all those people for whom she can care.  What a funny red girl she is.

    If Leidy is pregnant, her puppies are due October 19th or 20th.  I have a Federal trial set in Santa Fe beginning on October 18th (which is the day after the VST test for which I’m secretary).  My Los Lunas vet has agreed that Leidy can come to day care while I’m in trial — just in case she decides it’s time to have her puppies (I hope there are puppies).  I think I’ll have to make arrangements with one of his vet techs to get the dog to him/her before the clinic opens and get her back after it’s closed because the drive to Santa Fe is two hours from Los Lunas.  All the motions, witness lists, jury instructions are due this week.

    I’m really not sure how this all happened at once.  I need to look at the stars tonight and see if they are aligned.  If Amy hadn’t used “Crazy Cardiness” for her Blog name, I’d be taking that one.

    Insanity is a way of life.