Eleven Little Lambs For Chase

September 12, 2010

Chase was counting sheep today with Susan.  She put him in with eleven lambs — they are frisky and scatter easily and don’t know much about staying close to the sheepherder.  So, this was a test for Chaser.  Susan called to tell me that Chase handled figure-8’s with the lambs (once he recovered from the sheer number facing him).  He covered the escapees, kept the lambs close to Susan.  When she told him “That’ll do”, he came wagging over to her and left the pen off lead (apparently that’s a big deal).  As a herding Luddite, I am delighted to hear that Susan is pleased with our boy.  I’m even happier to hear that our boy is beside-himself-happy getting to herd.

They’ll be going back to town tonight so Chase will return to duck herding during the week.

Chase is entered in the herding trial on October 9-10 in Cummings, Georgia.  If he keeps his wits about him, he could earn his HT that weekend.  That’s the week before his third birthday — what a nice birthday present.  Oh, wait!  He doesn’t care if he earns a title — he just wants to herd.  So, I guess it will be a nice present for me.

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  1. sandy says:

    You got it. The dogs herd cuz they want to…the people are the ones who collect all the alphabet soup!