It’s Wide Body Leidy

September 22, 2010

Little Leidy Lou was bred on the 20th and 21st of August — she ovulated on the 16th, so is about 5 weeks along.  Here is how she looks from above.  From the side you cannot tell she’s preggers.  I think we’ll have more than two puppies from which to choose.

Wide Body Leidy1 9-22-2010

Wide Body Leidy2 9-22-2010

Wide Body Leidy3 9-22-2010

Holmes is sure Leidy belongs to him — and that the puppies are his.  Hopefully he will help raise them to be happy mirrors of himself and of his dad.


  1. C-Myste says:

    Cheering sounds from Orygun!!

  2. Holly says:

    How exciting! Wishing you a beautiful litter!

  3. Oh Yay!!! Mor wunderfool puppys to mayk the werld a betta playse

  4. Keith & Jo says:

    yep, she looks a little preggers. As if to a guy there is such thing as “a little preggers”. It’s amazing how much her and Clem look alike with the brindle coat and round tummy. Here’s to very easy birthings and healthy babies!

  5. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Oh, yeah, WAAAY more than two puppies if she shows THIS much at 5 wks!