September 19th – Baby Turns One

September 18, 2010

My happy baby Holmes and his indefatigable brother Watson will be a year old tomorrow.  I hear Watson is having a party, but poor Holmes has to work — we have painting to finish.  He’s a sweet boy and loves to lie on the back of the couch to keep me company.  Like his dad, he has a toe fetish.

and its not even Toesday 9-18-2010Yes, the toes need cleaning

You talking to me 9-18-2010Then when will we have a party?


  1. Holly says:

    I can’t believe a year has past! Happy Barkday!

  2. Alden says:

    Happy birthday, bro! Isn’t this BD thing great!? I got a new box of tracheas, and an extra wing for breakfast. And later, we’re going out to lunch. If I tell the people at the restaurant that it’s my BD, they give me a treat. Who cool is that?

    Have fun painting. Next week I get to “help” refinish cabinets, whatever that is.

    Have a GREAT day. I miss you, dad and G-Ma.



  3. Kathy M. says:

    Happy Birthday to Holmes & Watson. Does this mean that Watson’s feet will finally stop growing?

    P.S. Elbee says to tell you guys that she got to go to Johnny Rocket’s for burgers on her birthday some years ago. Seriously, we smuggled her in under my coat (nice having a 16-pound Pembroke). She got to sit in my lap and eat her burger. The waitress thought it was a kick and it was one of Elbee’s Best EVER birthdays!

    Anyway, think about it Holmes…nothing like going out to eat to celebrate!