Weekend Learning the Outrun

September 27, 2010

Chase is learning to go out before he selects the angle at which to approach his sheep.  Good job, Chaseman!  This was also the first time he’s worked in the rain.

I love watching this boy smile as he learns!  By the way, Chase, your girl Leidy is so very pregnant!


  1. Susan says:

    We were working on the “get out” this weekend. It helps prepare him for the outrun. By widening him out as he moves the stock, he starts understanding that he can control the stock from a distance. When he knows that the path to the sheep is “around” them, he will be doing outruns.

    It is so much fun to work with Chase. You can see how quickly he figures out what “get out” means. We started working on this on Saturday. The video is from Sunday. What a fun dog!

    Cheryl has him out in handling class tonight. She is having fun with him too (grin).

  2. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Chase LOVED working in the light rain! He thought it was nice and COOL! I can see so much “improvement” or “advancement” with Chase each time I go to pick him up and tape his sessions. He really is learning by leaps and bounds. Less than two weeks to his first public exhibition in Georgia. I will be videoing his Herding Test runs to share with everyone. Can’t wait!

  3. Goodness me, I wood be skared that thowse big sheepys wood tern arownd & chayse me. Thay look a bit lyk big poodles wiv thair fer kut off. Thay ar so much bigga than yoo Chase. Yoo ar so brayv