October, 2010

  1. Halloween Herding Report

    October 31, 2010 by myeye

    Chase dressed up like a herding dog and went trick or treating at Susan’s.  Today he rated his sheep — moved up even with their heads and then dropping back to their hindquarters.  That’s the way a herding dog checks that his charges aren’t contemplating a directional change (on their own).  That’s a huge increase in skill level.  Part of this video is of grass — Chase and the sheep were in the big field and moving fast.  Be patient, please.

    This second video shows Chase doing a splendid job of retrieving the sheep he pressured past Susan. It isn’t aimless rodeoing that we saw a few weeks ago. This is a workmanlike process of bringing the sheep back in a group.

    Cheryl also caught some lovely stills today.

    Outstanding in his field 10-31-2010Love this dog’s outline

    Ground-covering trot blog 10-31-2010Moving in on the sheep

    Turning blog 10-31-2010Turning the sheep

  2. Sundays Are Not For Lying Around

    October 31, 2010 by myeye

    The babies are in their 12th day — by tomorrow morning, Reba will have passed that all important 1# mark.  I am off to a herding workshop and hope when I come home to see some little eye slits.

    Run  over to The Daily Corgi — the 2011 calendar is on sale at CafePress and there is a link on Laurie’s blog.  The calendar is made up of hundreds of photos — both Pem and Cardi — that have been submitted to her over the past year.  I assure you there are photos you will recognize.  Two dollars from each sale will benefit CorgiAid.

    calendarpreviewrow1 - April 2011

    Recognize the three baddogs on the upper left corner of April?  And the dog in the flowerpot on the second row?

  3. The Dog Cots

    October 30, 2010 by myeye

    I found these on ebay — great price — and they fold down so you can take them to classes or meetings.  The dogs really like them.  Holmes believes they have embedded vitamins and has been sampling a corner of one of them — not his — Inca’s.  Leidy lies on hers to oversee the whelping box.

    Holmes on his cot 10-30-2010I am king of all I survey (because Chase is not home)

    Chew on it -- why would you think that 10-30-2010Surely you jest — me chew on the bed?

  4. Goblin Puppies

    October 30, 2010 by myeye

    They are so hefty because they have been gobblin’ up Leidy’s milk. Since it’s almost Halloween, we used an orange towel and a couple of cute pumpkiny-squash things.  Thanks as always to Adrienne, the official Elyan puppy photog.  Her reward was a special manicure.

    Dressed up as a puppy 10-30-2010Oh, look!  Smooch is dressed up as a puppy

    Adrienne2 ready for Halloween 10-30-2010Adrienne had her nails done for Halloween

    skull-crossbone fingers 10-30-2010A pirate with skull and crossbones on her fingers

    Reba1 face 10-30-2010Little Reba’s Cute Face

    Reba1 side 10-30-2010Reba side

    Smooch2 face 10-30-2010Smooch’s face

    Smooch1 face 10-30-2010Another view of Smooch

    Smooch2 side 10-30-2010Smooch’s side

    Udi3 face 10-30-2010Udi’s face

    Udi2 side 10-30-2010Udi Side

    Victor1 face 10-30-2010Victor’s Face

    Victor2 face yawn 10-30-2010Being last is soooo boooring

    Victor3 face 10-30-2010Victor straight on

    Victor1 side 10-30-2010Victor side

  5. On the Road Again

    October 29, 2010 by myeye

    Shadow Chase and DeAnn have been hitting all the agility trials in the Pacific Northwest — so many in fact that Chase is now the official mascot of DeAnn’s club.  As you can see, he loves riding in the back of the truck with the wind ruffling his hair metal.  The real Chase is still in Tennessee moving the sheep and ducks at will.

    Chase in the Truck blog