a October 17th, 2010

  1. The Friday Duck Recipe

    October 17, 2010 by myeye

    Friday Chase helped organize Susan’s ducks.  He’s much steadier with them and is learning to anticipate their reactions to him.

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  2. Nearly Time For Puppies — and the Weekend Update

    October 17, 2010 by myeye

    Liedy’s girth is 29″ today.  When I had her at the Vet’s on Friday morning for her “how many puppies x-ray” she weighed 34.5 pounds — started out at 27 pounds.  She’s rearranging the pads in her whelping box when she isn’t looking much like a beached whale.

    Leidy - Day 61I can’t seem to get a photo that shows how big she really is — she is so large!

    Today we held our Fall VST test at the University.  So, I left the house at 5:30 and told my house guests, “there’s coffee, fruit juice, fruit.  Please lock Inca in the kitchen, turn off the coffee pot, and lock the front door.  I’ll get Holmes back from you later this afternoon.”  It was a gorgeous day for tracking, beautiful skies, high 70 degree weather (though we finished tracking at about noon before it made the high 70’s).  It’s fall break, so the campus was relatively empty.  We had three VST passes out of six entries!  THAT is amazing because the passing rate across the country is less than 5%!  Some very happy people accepted their Green Rosettes.  For two of them it meant they could add CT (Champion Tracker) in front of the dogs’ names — an Otterhound and a German Shepherd Dog.  An American Cocker owned and handled by my friend Carolee also passed, but doesn’t have his TDX yet.  That CT will come.  We used the north campus for two of the tracks (law school and med school campus).  There is also an office of the NM Court of Appeals located by the law school.  That parking lot is adorned with signs warning “CT PERMIT PARKING ONLY”.  So the new CTs had their photos taken with the parking sign.  Very cool.

    Holmes did nothing at the shows.  He’s going to stay home for a few months so he can body out.  We need to take a serious obedience class to boost his confidence.  He’ll go back out in the spring — ready to win, I think.

    I am on the couch watching the Broncos play and recovering from walking seven miles today, moving my house, having company — and resting up for the upcoming whelping.

    Chase is having a splendid birthday — thank you for asking!