a October 21st, 2010

  1. Winners of the Chase/Leidy Puppy Poll

    October 21, 2010 by myeye

    I thought it was among the sevens, but this morning when Leidy had her clean-out shot, we found one more brindle boy that had been left inside her.  So, the count would have been 6 boys, 2 girls, 3 red, 5 brindle.  I’ll look at the guesses again.  I know Carolyn and Susan guessed eight — maybe Keith?  It does help explain why the puppies were on the smaller side.  We had two that weighed in at 6.5 oz. and the largest puppy was 10 oz.  I’ll research it, discuss it with the proud parents and announce the winner this weekend.


    October 21, 2010 by myeye

    PLEASE!  If you are using the puppycam, watch for a little while and then log out.  There is at least one viewer who is leaving it on 24/7.  The Puppycam uses a tremendous amount of band width.  As a result of excessive use, my internet service provider will simply shut me off.  If you puppy fans are not able to log out (NOT MINIMIZE because that leaves the connection open), I will make the puppycam private so I can check the puppies while I am away — and deprive everyone else of the fun of watching the babies grow.


  3. We Had a Very Long Night

    October 21, 2010 by myeye

    As many of you know, Leidy began whelping at noon yesterday.  She waited four hours between the first two puppies, then three hours, and then it began to vary, but was nothing you would describe as “Poppin’ ’em out.”  The last puppy, a brindle boy, was born at 4:00 this morning.  He was stillborn and we could not revive him.  We’ll run into the vet’s this morning and get Leidy a shot of oxytocin to be sure she is not retaining any placenta.  So, the final count for the poll/contest is 2 girls (1 red) and 5 boys, a total of 3 reds and 4 brindles.  Three people, Dawm S., Dawn F, and Tracey W, had the correct number, but no one guessed only two girls and no one guessed 3 red puppies.  So, I will consult with Chase and Leidy to decide how to award the “Good Guessing” prize.  We’ll announce that over the weekend.

    Leidy is taking motherhood in stride.  She’s wanting to curl around her babies, but, of course, that hides a number of the faucets.  She needs to lie out flat to give the babies access.

    I’ll weigh and photograph the little guys/gals this morning.  Overall they have very flashy markings and their color is deep and rich.  I’m surprised to have so many reds, but rumor has it that there are people who love red.  So I’m betting they all go to great homes.  Chase is brindle and both his parent’s are brindle, but we know from the Magic litter that he produces red,  Leidy is a brindle, her father is a brindle, but her mom is the devilish redhead Inca.

    More later from the household that never sleeps (or so it seems).

  4. Almost Done

    October 21, 2010 by myeye

    It’s 1:40 on Thursday morning.  Leidy still has at least one puppy to give up.  However, the first six are buzzing as they mob the lunch counter.  Puppies ranged in size from 6.5 ounces to 10 ounces.  I was surprised that two brindles produced so many reds (three of the six so far).  After the stragglers are born, I’m going to sleep.  Tomorrow I’ll get some daylight photos to share with everyone.  The puppy cam photos are courtesy of Carolyn, sitting in Oregon.  I held each puppy up to the puppy cam and Carolyn took a screen shot, then posted it.  I hope I never take technology for granted because it has absolutely changed our ability to communicate.  We are now able to share instantly — how cool is that?

    The first six 10-21-2010The first six lining up for a family meal

    Leidy and the first six 10-21-2010Leidy knows she did well