a October 26th, 2010

  1. A Break In Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

    October 26, 2010 by myeye

    As you know, I sold my town home immediately after I bought the Los Lunas house.  We were to close the sale on October 15th, but it still hasn’t closed.  Tonight I learned the loan documents are on their way to the title company, so I feel it’s safe to BLAST the bank that was giving the buyer her mortgage loan.  The buyer banks at Wells Fargo and has a strong relationship with the people in the banking end.  When she decided to buy the house, she asked her banking friends to refer her to someone on the mortgage side.  They made a call and handed her off to a Mortgage Loan Officer.  We faxed them the purchase agreement and the buyer faxed them EVERYTHING about her life since she was born.  Three weeks into the process, the underwriting department told the buyer that it is unreasonable to expect to close in 30 days — that it takes 45 to 60 days.  Meanwhile, I have sunk a bunch of money into the house so that the appraisal would be strong.

    It is now 16 days past the closing date and the documents are just being transferred.  I have been paying interest on the townhouse this entire time, not to mention the money spent to make the house appealing to the appraiser.  My issue with WELLS FARGO is not that they are incapable of processing a mortgage application within 30 days (even for someone with top drawer credit), but that they never said, up front, that they could not do it.  They waited until we were so far along in the process that it would be impractical to seek another lender.  I find that offensive.  It is a form of bait and switch.  I’d like to find a legal basis for suing them (and I really dislike litigation).

    So — do not do business with Wells Fargo.  I suspect ultimately you will be very sorry.  I cannot tell you how sorry I am that I was part of this transaction with this organization.

    There, I feel a lot better.

    Now, back to puppies, and herding, and training.

  2. On the Seventh Day . . .

    October 26, 2010 by myeye

    . . . only the puppies rested.  It’s difficult for one person to get good photos of wriggly little puppies, but here is my best effort.  Adrienne will be here again this weekend and we will try to get some better photos.

    Leidy and her kids 10-26-2010Leidy and her kids on October 26th

    Reba tummy 10-26-2010Reba — you can’t do better than this

    Smooch face 10-26-2010Smooch — who hit the 1# mark today

    Smooch 1 pound 10-26-2010Smooch — the big body

    Udi 10-26-2010Udi — the flash didn’t

    pretty Udi 10-26-2010Udi’s pretty body

    Victor - Chase son for sure 10-26-2010Victor – for certain a Chase son

    Victor - bright brindle 10-26-2010Victor – bright and shiny