A Quick Look At Leidy

October 12, 2010

We are moving into the last week of Leidy’s pregnancy.  It is really easy to get photos because she has no desire to move more than she has to.  She could whelp as early as Sunday evening and as late as Wednesday — depending on when she really ovulated.  She was bred on August 20th and 21st after a progesterone reading of 12.5 the morning of the 18th.  That reading tells us she probably ovulated between Sunday night and Monday night.  So, here is the poor pregnant girl.  Holmes keeps her company while she lies around and he cleans her ears and face.  Inca steers clear because Leidy does not want her around.  Inca says, “But I’m the Grandma.”

Looking Down on the wide body 10-12-2010

Curled up under the computer desk 10-12-2010

Leidy side 10-12-2010

I’ll post later about having no water when I returned home last night, my adventures with the neighbors, my 25 calls with the electric company.  I should have put Amaretto in my coffee!


  1. Taryn says:

    Leidy is big, but not as bad as some I’ve seen posted on the blogs. Here’s wishing her an easy, safe whelp, with healthy babies!

  2. Le'o says:

    I get so nervous about it all the last week. How are you holding up?
    And what Taryn said!

    • myeye says:

      I’m not nearly as worried about the whelping as I am about the surrounding chaos at the house. If everything else was in order, I could surely obsess. We will x-ray Friday so I know if it’s lots of normal sized puppies or a few huge ones. That determination made, I will look at a C-Section or we’ll just sit in the maternity ward at home and wait it out.

  3. sandy says:

    Take it easy Leidy…oh, you are. You will sure be busy soon!

    Ahhhh, life in the country. Be ready for all things to not work at the same time on the same day. You get to be a pioneer!

  4. C-Myste says:

    Might have to re-evaluate my poll guess. Now she looks like 6.

    Maybe they will be born on their daddy’s birthday!

  5. DeAnn says:

    Safe and easy whelp Leidy! Good luck with the trials of living the good life in the country! Even when things go sideways… we still love our little Chickadee Ranch!