Come on, Leidy & Away We Go

October 20, 2010

No puppies yet!  I was up with the princess until 2:00 AM, then checked her each hour.  She is well rested and just ate a nice big breakfast.  On the other hand, my eyes are brushing my shoulders.  I think she likes having her own room and dog door and little yard.  She may not give up those babies.  Leidy, sweetie, it’s time!

12:17 PM – a red girl at 6.5 ounces.  Big wide collar, pretty markings.  Leidy is taking great care of her.  The puppy is very strong even though she’s small.  Maybe “Reba”?  The warming box is ready, so we can have another one now.

4:07 PM – a dark brindle girl with a kiss on top of her head.  9.9 oz., and I think her litter name is Smooch.  Leidy has to speed up or I may die of old age before this litter is whelped.

7:10 PM – a red boy at 6.5 ozl not as much icing.  He is Thunder because he was born during an awful storm — thought I was going to lose my skylights.   Only three hours this time and Leidy ate 10 oz of liver before delivering him.

8:35 PM – another red boy at 8.6 oz — a little more icing than Thunder.  His name is Udi.  Leidy is down to less than an hour and a half — whoo hoo!

9:50 PM – brindle boy at 10 oz — he is Victor.  He reminds me so much of his dad.

12:25 AM (10-21-2010) – brindle boy 8.4 oz. He is Walker.  One more for sure — could be two


  1. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Go take a nap, Penni. She won’t do a thing until you pretend disinterest! They are all EVIL! She’s determined to wait you out. When you fall over from exhaustion, she’ll start pushing them out!

  2. Alta says:

    Does puppy whelping fall into the same category as a watched pot never boils?

  3. Alden says:

    Wouldn’t it be neat if their birth coincided with Hanna and Wally’s “tree” litter born on 10/21/08?

  4. Jean says:

    In her own do time….. Take a nap and get the rest need now, because after they come for the first few days you are going to be exhausted.
    Her temp dropped once, did it drop again? I have had a female drop the temp and have it come back up. On the second temp drop it can be in the next 24 hours for the whelping. Good luck

  5. sandy says:

    Hmmm…funny how pups and other newborns come on the birthday they have chosen (unless modern medicine has to interfere and we’ll hope that doesn’t have to happen).

    Now, go take a nap!

  6. Dawn says:

    Payback for the bath maybe? They will come when they are ready, easy whelp, healthy happy mom and babies, and rested Penni too.

  7. Shelley says:

    Yeah!! Unfortunately now you get NO rest. Do you have anyone to spell you for a bit so you can nap?

    • myeye says:

      No, but that’s okay. I wouldn’t want to miss seeing a single one born. Leidy has plenty more where this one came from so she’d better get a move on!

  8. Patience says:

    Oh how exciting, can’t wait to see pictures.

  9. Jean from NM says:

    Way to go, Leidy! Way to go, Penni! Congratulations all the way from Alamogordo.