Darby’s New Tricks

October 2, 2010

Gwendy sent this short video of Darby (one of the Chase/Magic kids).  Be sure to turn your sound on because the commands are what make this so funny.  Flash!  Mama Magic was winners bitch for a 5-point major today — whoo hoo!

Gwendy also sent the following note:

I’ve been thinking about you and wanting to get photos off to you!

Sorry no photos but Darby is doing super!! She is a riot! She has loads of personality. In the morning she goes flying out her door and pounces into her water dish feet and all!!! It’s an auto water dish so she pounces around and plays in it like crazy!! At that point she is a total mess and has to dry off before she can run around the house. She loves her toys and has me well trained to pick them up and put them in her pile for her :)! As soon as she gets out for play time she distributes those toys all over the house!!! She has so much fun doing it that I don’t have the heart to limit her toy selection!! Squeaky toys are by far the most favored objects!!! And they do make me smile too!

She does love to torment our “lesser bred Corgi!” She flies past Ellie’s crate just to tick her off and say “hey… look…. I’m free!!!!”

. . . and here came a photo of Darby doing her homework

Darby doing homework 10-2-2010

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  1. Tony says:

    Ha Ha love the dead dog trick. She is working hard with all that study