Halloween Herding Report

October 31, 2010

Chase dressed up like a herding dog and went trick or treating at Susan’s.  Today he rated his sheep — moved up even with their heads and then dropping back to their hindquarters.  That’s the way a herding dog checks that his charges aren’t contemplating a directional change (on their own).  That’s a huge increase in skill level.  Part of this video is of grass — Chase and the sheep were in the big field and moving fast.  Be patient, please.

This second video shows Chase doing a splendid job of retrieving the sheep he pressured past Susan. It isn’t aimless rodeoing that we saw a few weeks ago. This is a workmanlike process of bringing the sheep back in a group.

Cheryl also caught some lovely stills today.

Outstanding in his field 10-31-2010Love this dog’s outline

Ground-covering trot blog 10-31-2010Moving in on the sheep

Turning blog 10-31-2010Turning the sheep

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  1. sandy says:

    Exciting stuff! He’s having such fun, huh?