HT Photos and Video

October 10, 2010

A great deal of the arena was in shadow, so the video is not as easy to watch as it could have been.  Chase was pretty wild yesterday so spent lots of time gathering up the sheep that he had scattered.  Of course, he loves to rodeo — which just made him wilder. Nonetheless he was considered qualifying.

And then the judge talked about him.  Listen to her accusing him of being part Border Collie.  At the end — oh, no! Don’t bend down. Oops! Too late. It’s face-cleaning time.

The following stills are from today’s qualifying run. Chase never pressured the sheep so he never got to rodeo.  Poor Chase:-)  Note the lowered front in this first photo.

Channeling the Inner Border Collie blog 10-10-2010

Moving sheep HT leg2 blog 10-10-2010

And, finally, a side trip for the tourist dog.  After all, he’s not been to Tennessee or Georgia before.

Entrance to Ducktown Museum blog 10-10-10

Comments from Chase’s autograph book will be posted tomorrow.  Cheryl wants to scan them at her office.


  1. C-Myste says:

    Oh boy, a Rodeo!

  2. DeAnn says:

    Such a nice working dog! Beautiful too. Brains and beauty! What a combo! Congrats.

  3. Dawn says:

    What a good dog! WOOHOO Mr Chase!

  4. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Chase was a big hit at the trial. He continued his OWG ways (that’s Official Walmart Greeter). If someone new approached the group, he would turn himself inside out trying to get to them as though they were the long-lost friend he’d been trying to find–I would just give in and tell them–you HAVE to come pet him or he won’t stop! He’s a riot! Was very “high” on life during his first trials! But he also did some very nice work, reflecting all the time Susan has spent in the past six weeks. Susan will be moving him up to PT for the November trials in Kentucky.

  5. JoAnne says:

    Very nice, Penni! What a fun dog he is! Reminds me of Megan’s style – she is part border collie, too!

  6. Keith & Jo says:

    I’ve just been able to read the last few posts, what an outstanding performance! Congratulations!