Losing the Baby

October 23, 2010

Thunder died a little while ago.  Despite keeping him warm and tube feeding him every two hours, he was getting weaker and weaker.  I’m so sad.  To lose three puppies in one litter is very difficult when you’re trying to do everything right.  I think if they had been born in a dog house in the back yard, they would probably all be fine.

So, we are saying goodbye to a tiny life that was apparently meant to be very short.


  1. Aw.

    I am so sorry. I know you did everything you could for him.


  2. Taryn says:

    Oh, Penni, I am so sorry. I think it is just nature’s way….

  3. Jean from NM says:

    What sad news, Penni. I’m so sorry. You did all you could.

  4. Laura M says:

    Penni, So sorry for the loss of little Thunder. Congrats on the rest of the litter. Puppy party on 12/11/10, I immediately thought “How fun! I should try to go”, but then remembered that my new grandbaby is due on 12/11/10. :-))

  5. Carol Teal says:

    Oh Penni, I’m so sorry. I was really pullin’ for the little guy as I know everyone was. 🙁

  6. Traci says:

    🙁 I’m So sorry to hear about Thunder… *hugs* You love on those other 5 more and more … *hugs*

  7. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    It is so hard when you do everything that you know to do, and you lose.
    I know how it feels. So sorry about your losses.

  8. Le'o says:

    I can’t remember the exact percentage but bitches that whelp without educated human support lose more puppies much more often, and can die themselves, as opposed to all that you gave Leidy and her babies. You do all you can and still things can turn out differently than the way you want.
    Hugs for you Penni. Life is just plain hard sometimes. But still worth the effort of doing the right thing.

  9. carol says:

    So sorry about little Thunder. :((((

  10. Dawn says:

    Peace little Thunder. Sorry Penni, my thoughts go out to you.

  11. C-Myste says:

    I know how awful Penni feels. It has been a rare corgi litter that I haven’t lost one or more. I lost 2 black Alice daughters at one day of age from her TM litter. Then I lost Chase’s sister Dainty just when she finally got up to a pound. I literally wailed in grief.

    Tears for poor little Thunder. And for Penni.

  12. JEAN= MINN. says:

    So sorry Penni Things happen we can never predict. I think anyone who has ever had any litters, can say at one time or another that thing have gone wrong, you loose a puppy or 2. Condolances on your loss.

  13. Jeri says:

    I’m so sorry about Thunder! Hugs.

  14. Sandy says:

    Sorry for the sadness at your place right now….but we must trust that things were meant to be. Perhaps there is a need for baby Cardis in heaven right now?

  15. Tony says:

    Sorry to hear that, it’s so sad to ose any. We watched a vet show Saturday night & a dog had a difficult birthing & one of the puppies died during birth. I was close to tears.

  16. Julie says:

    I am so sorry, penni. I am keeping you, Leidy, and the entire litter in my thoughts.