Puppy Piles

October 28, 2010

Right after I change the pads in the whelping box, I try to take a photo.  Under the pads is a PetSafe warming disk.  It maintains a constant temperature that is warm but not hot, and has a chew safe cord (Holmes and Watson tested it).  By the time the puppies are two days old, their little bodies have honed in on the disk and that is where the puppy pile forms.  If Leidy is stretched out, everyone heads for the lunch bar, but as soon as she moves they all gravitate back to the disk.

Puppy Pile - 10-26-2010Oct. 26th – From the bottom:  Smooch,  Victor, Udi (piled on) Reba

Puppy Pile 10-28Oct. 28th – The pile is getting bigger: Left to right – Reba, Victor, Smooch, Udi

Weight gain is good.  On this (the ninth day), Reba has gone from (first number is birth weight) 6.5 oz. to 11.9, Smooch has gained from 9.9 oz to 1 lb, 2.7 oz., Udi from 8.6 oz. to 1 lb., 2.3 oz., and Victor from 10 oz to 1 lb., 2.1 oz.  The best part is that they no long scream for mom when I pick them up.  They now cuddle up against my neck.  Ooooh!  I love puppies!  I am hoping that Sunday perhaps we will see glimmers of eyes so they can recognize me before I pick them up and cuddle them.

Leidy is eating like a stevedore.  She looks great with shiny coat and eyes.  She feels free to leave the puppies more to go outside or to lie on her cot and watch them sleep.

In other news (important to me).  We closed the sale of the house yesterday, BUT (this comes as no surprise), Wells Fargo failed to wire my money to the Title Company.  It would be nice to be paid for the house.  Certainly they will wire it this morning:/


  1. So glad the baybeez are doing well!

    I always think that buying a house is no fun, but selling is hell. How rude of the bank to be gratuitously making everything so difficult! !!!

  2. C-Myste says:

    The puppies are very cute. WF not so much.

    We have a new political party in our voters’ pamphlet: Working Families Party. The candidates they endorse have WFP next to their names (along with regular party affiliation). Every time I see WFP my mind tries to read it as What-the F— Party.

    Which brings us to the initials of Wells Fargo. I had never thought of Well F—–d before and now I can’t *not* think of it 🙂

    Someday we might want to sell and buy another house. Banks to beware of dutifully filed.

  3. sandy says:

    Tell me/us how you picked your names (except little Reba..that’s obvious)…please. Any reasons in particular about why they are who they are? Do you have a theme for this litter?

  4. DeAnn says:

    Sorry about the house woes. Hope all goes well.

    The pups look great. Can’t wait to see the weekend photos.

  5. I reely luv the way the puupys hav lynd themselfs up in the sekund pikcha