Puppy Poll and New Photos

October 23, 2010

Four people who guessed 8 puppies left tie -breaker comments:  Susan Shields with 5 girls/3 boys, Cheryl Kienast also with 5 girls/3 boys, Kathy Miller with 4 boys/4 girls, and Carolyn Cannon with 5 boys and 3 girls.  Carolyn was the closest (though I would certainly have preferred 5 girls/3 boys), so Chase and Leidy will send her a surprise (no, NOT a puppy).

Adrienne spent the night here last night.  As soon as we’ve had some breakfast and the sun is up to give us natural light, we will start on the puppy photo project.  We’ll post photos later today.

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  1. Well Missus Penni it looks as tho my ges ov 24 woz a long way off, Daddy did my maf agen & it looks lyk my ges woz reely 26. Oh well I will try agen nekst tym