Sundays Are Not For Lying Around

October 31, 2010

The babies are in their 12th day — by tomorrow morning, Reba will have passed that all important 1# mark.  I am off to a herding workshop and hope when I come home to see some little eye slits.

Run  over to The Daily Corgi — the 2011 calendar is on sale at CafePress and there is a link on Laurie’s blog.  The calendar is made up of hundreds of photos — both Pem and Cardi — that have been submitted to her over the past year.  I assure you there are photos you will recognize.  Two dollars from each sale will benefit CorgiAid.

calendarpreviewrow1 - April 2011

Recognize the three baddogs on the upper left corner of April?  And the dog in the flowerpot on the second row?