The Chunky Monkeys

October 29, 2010

Leidy must offer super-milk.  Today was a milestone for Reba as she moved up the scale to 13.5 oz — more than double her birth weight of 6.5 oz.  Her siblings continue to move toward butterball status with Smooch at 1 lb., 4.5 oz., Udi at 1 lb, 3.9 oz., and Victor at 1 lb., 4 oz.  They are now happy to cuddle up against my neck — no longer concerned that they have been lifted into the air and are moving away from the whelping box.  I can’t wait for eyes to begin opening so they can see what’s around them — but mostly so I can see those pretty eyes.  I love puppies!

In unrelated news, I made my hotel reservations for the Nationals.  There was so much chatter about it on the various lists that I panicked and decided I’d better get rooms.  At this point, I plan to fly (round trip is about $300 on Southwest), rent a car, drive to the herding site to watch Susan and Chase, and stay there until Monday when we’ll drive back into Houston and check into the host hotel.  I will take Chase from Sunday afternoon  until I return him to Susan on Saturday after Best of Breed competition.  I’ve definitely missed my happy boy.


  1. Jeri says:

    I know, I’m suddenly feeling like I should make a reservation too LOL! I am not 100% sure on going…if things go as planned I will have puppies at that point. But when do they ever go as planned? 🙂

  2. Le'o says:

    They’re not running out of rooms. I just made my reservation and was within the original dates but still couldn’t reserve a room. It’s a glitch. Still it doesn’t cost anything to have the room reserved.

    Penni – PICTURES of FAT PUPPIES PLEASE. 😀 I know… it’s much nicer holding snuggley babies than a cold camera.

  3. Keith & Jo says:

    That’s what we love to hear, butterball puppies are a good thing. 🙂 I bet you will be happy to see Chase, lord when Clem is away, I think it effects us more than her.