a November 10th, 2010

  1. Victor(y) Day – Three Weeks Old

    November 10, 2010 by myeye

    This morning all the babies were sleepy after pigging out.  I kept waking them up to try for a few photos.  Somehow Victor made it into almost every photo — hence Victory Day.  It’s also Victory Day because our little Reba hit the 2# mark.  The babies are pretty active, respond to voices and sounds, and EAT.  They love their raw ground turkey and goat’s milk, and, of course, they still love the Mama-Milk-Bar when Leidy drops in to provide a snack.  Attitudi is what it’s all about, with Smooch right behind him.  Victor seeks out cuddling, but he’s such a hefty dude that he is seldom first in line.  Reba quietly goes about getting her way.

    Victor 11-10-2010Victor

    Smiling Smooch 11-10-2010Smiling Smooch

    More Victor and Reba 11-10-2010Victor and Reba

    Wake up Udi 11-10-2010Wake Up Udi