a November 13th, 2010

  1. We Tried For Stacked Shots, But . . .

    November 13, 2010 by myeye

    Only Udi wanted to play.  He wasn’t sure about the game, but he wagged his tail and licked my fingers.  Man, I love this puppy.  That said, they were all pasta puppies today.  No one is quite ready for the show ring.  I’ll try to get them up on the stacking box more frequently.  However, Udi did have success in staking his claim to the food bowl.  Is this not darling?  And about the food bowl — real men eat out of a pink quiche pan.  The flying saucer pan is still too big and the crystal relish tray is too small — so the quiche pan it is — for now.

    Four Fat Puppies 11-13-2010 blogUdi Stakes a Claim

    And about the stacked shots — try not to roll on the floor laughing out loud –that would be ROFLOL.  They are only 3-1/2 weeks old.

    Reba Stacked2 11-13-2010Reba


    Udi Stacked2 11-13-2010Udi

    Victor Stacked - headless 11-13-2010Victor — he hath no head

    Victor Stacked1 11-13-2010Victor — he has a head, but an uncooperative body

    You know what?  These are the cutest acting puppies.  They will catch on to this stacking box deal.  In the meantime, I’m just enjoying their sweet natures.