a November 26th, 2010

  1. Jailbreak

    November 26, 2010 by myeye

    It was Victor, abetted by his brother Holmes.  I’ve been permitting Holmes to go into the puppy room to watch the baybeez.  He is fascinated.  Victor is fascinated right back.  He has been up on the sides touching noses through the x-pen.  Tonight Holmes pushed in the corner of the x-pen that surrounds the box and went on in to visit.  Victor launched himself over the edge of the box and followed his brother out of the x-pen enclosure.  I caught the two of them curled up in the corner of the puppy room.  Holmes gave Victor a bath.  Victor was a happy, wagging puppy.  Leidy was standing by with a “well, there goes one of them” look on her face. It’s time to further fortify.

  2. Five Week Stacked Photos and Faces

    November 26, 2010 by myeye

    We need a third person to successfully stack the puppies.  That third person would be offering them tiny pieces of deli turkey.  However, here’s what we got from 159 shots.  As terrible as this Victor stacked photo is, I promise he has a very nice body, as does Smooch.  The brindles just don’t have the show-off gene that the red puppies seemed to have inherited.


    Reba Face3 11-26-2010

    Reba stacked - 5 weeks - 11-26-2010


    Smooch Face3 11-26-2010

    Smooch Stacked 5 weeks 11-26-2010This is better than two weeks ago (sigh!)


    Udi Face2 11-26-2010

    Udi Stacked3 5 weeks 11-26-2010


    Victor Face1 11-26-2010

    Victor Stacked1 5 weeks 11-26-2010

  3. They Also Have Thanksgiving in Tennessee

    November 26, 2010 by myeye

    This report just in from Tennessee.  Susan has to work today so yesterday was duck-herding and turkey-eating day.  Chase is treated as the king he believes he is.  Look at this — crystal dish for his turkey wing and vegetables.

    Chase - the good china and a turkey leg w veggies 11-25-2010Good dogs like Thanksgiving

    Chase - is grace over 11-25-2010So how long until this Grace gets here?

    Chase - Ate the veggies first 11-25-2010Good boy!  He ate the veggies first

    Then you wait an hour before you go ducking.  A herding we will go, a herding we will go, Hi-Ho the derry-o, a Herding we will go.

    Chase - Runaway Duck 11-25-2010Run Away Bride — or is that Bird?

    Chase - Hup 2 3 4  11-25-2010Hup Two – Three – Four!

    Chase - right direction 11-25-2010Perfect Speed, Perfect Formation

    PERFECT THANKSGIVING!  Thanks to Cheryl and Susan who treat the Chaseman as some kind of royalty (other than a royal pain in the rear).