After Dinner Video and Puppies Do Housework

November 19, 2010

New pads in the whelping box after dinner — my what helpful puppies!

I am mystery ladys helper 11-19-2010I am Mystery Lady’s Helper

I can do it too 11-19-2010Me too!

Im making the bed 11-19-2010Hey!  I’m making the bed.

We can help make the bed 11-19-2010Well, we can all help

How far shall we take it 11-19-2010How far shall we take it?

Then Leidy came in.  Now these little pot-bellied pigs had just scarfed down a big helping of ground turkey, yoghurt, and goat’s milk, but since mom was there, they though they should try for desert.

. . . with not much success.


  1. Keith & Jo says:

    oooooo, puppies playing! That is so much better than TV. lordy they are looking good.

  2. Lani says:

    Cute, cute videos and pictures, Penni. It’s so good to see that the Foursome are already becoming helper dogs.

    BTW – I have to watch your videos with the sound off, otherwise they drive The Trio crazy — “what is that sound, and where is it coming from?”