Day Two of Real Food — Flying Saucer Pan

November 7, 2010

The crystal dish is perfect for two puppies, but four puppies (especially when one gets into the dish) crowd each other.  I have only large flying saucer dishes (optimism?), but decided using one would keep the babies spread out while they ate.  This morning Smooch, Udi, and Victor are all over two pounds and Reba is just short of the two pound mark.  It seems turkey and goat’s milk agrees with them.

GOOD MORNING, Baby Puppies!

Flying Saucer Pan 11-7-2010 AMFiguring out the flying saucer pan

Reba and Udi AM 11-7-2010Reba and Victor get it

Udi and Smooch Breakfast 11-7-2010Smooch and Udi sharing — for now

Victor - Breakfast 11-7-2010Handsome Victor never misses a meal

Leidy is not at all upset about the puppies bringing in outside food — especially since she cleans up the pan and then the food off the puppies.  I’m going to set up the shavings/potty yard today even though the puppies are quite young.  Leidy is not keeping them or the box clean.  We’ll see how long it takes them to figure out that we’ve remodeled and added a bathroom.  By the time they are six weeks old, I expect they will use the dog door to go out into their play yard.

The play yard is a 10′ x 6′ pen that is covered with chain link.  We are going to roof it, with an overhang to keep snow and rain (which could happen) from building up in the yard.  To make it really usable by our babies, I must fill in the crater that Leidy has dug.  I’m not going to bother until Leidy goes home.

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  1. Janet says:

    I tuned in to the puppy cam this morning in time to see breakfast. Looked like Reba might have been saying that she thought the crystal dish fit her station in life a bit better than this metal trough – red girls learn how to be divas early. Miss Smooch, on the other hand, looks like a low maintenance girl – she was chowing right down!