Five Week Stacked Photos and Faces

November 26, 2010

We need a third person to successfully stack the puppies.  That third person would be offering them tiny pieces of deli turkey.  However, here’s what we got from 159 shots.  As terrible as this Victor stacked photo is, I promise he has a very nice body, as does Smooch.  The brindles just don’t have the show-off gene that the red puppies seemed to have inherited.


Reba Face3 11-26-2010

Reba stacked - 5 weeks - 11-26-2010


Smooch Face3 11-26-2010

Smooch Stacked 5 weeks 11-26-2010This is better than two weeks ago (sigh!)


Udi Face2 11-26-2010

Udi Stacked3 5 weeks 11-26-2010


Victor Face1 11-26-2010

Victor Stacked1 5 weeks 11-26-2010


  1. Jean MINN says:

    I think they are all adoreable. Nice round bone Beautiful faces Smooch is my favorite. Nice puppies Penni

  2. C-Myste says:

    “Eeek, don’t do that to me!”

    I think that Smooch is my favorite today, too.

  3. Le'o says:

    Udi looks like she’s thinking: “Not this again!”

    With so many litters besides mine to look at online right now I really see how fast they grow up! It’s not fair. Of course mine are a mere 3 weeks and sleep all the time!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Yes, they are all very cute! However, here is my ranking:

    1. Smooch – length of body, good forechest and length of upper arm, not to mention her lovely topline

    2. Victor – again, although not as cooperative on the blocks, he appears to have a better forechest and length of upper arm and overall body length than Udi

    3. Udi – I like his head planes very much, appears to have better length of upper arm than his sister, Reba

    4. Reba – undeniably adorable but appears short in body and has the shortest appearing upper arm.

    It’s difficult to tell without having hands on myself and actually measuring, of course, but from the photos above and prior photos, that’s what I’ve been noticing. Reba has a LOT of flash and I LOVE Udi’s grouchy looking expression, but there is no question for me that Smooch and Victor are the picks.

  5. Jean from NM says:

    I am so clueless about conformation, but I love that Reba face!

  6. SO cute. 🙂

    All three of us are wishing we lived close enough to come visit! 🙂