In My Old Kentucky Home . . .

November 20, 2010

Give us a “P”!!!  Chase is in Franklin, Kentucky where he earned the first leg of his PT today.  He had some difficult sheep (they had given an Advanced dog a hard time), but he prevailed.  He told them where to go, they recognized his “I mean business” look, and they went.  The judge made nice comments about our boy — including noting his high drive.

In other, really exciting news, Susan’s Cardigan Kearney (Bluefox’s Kearney) earned a First Place in Started Ducks and then went High in Trial from the Started Sheep Class.  This was Kearney’s first trial run — and a splendid one it was.  He earned a 93/100 on the Sheep.  As you can imagine Susan is one happy herding trainer/handler — even though she discovered the battery on her car had died during the day 🙁

Hopefully tomorrow we will have more good herding news about the great little dogs-with-no-legs.


  1. Kathy M. says:

    Go Chase Man! And big congrats to Susan and Kearney!
    (So sorry about the car battery. It is the pits when our mechanical and electrical friends do not cooperate!)

  2. C-Myste says:

    High drive? Chase?


  3. Builder Mama says:

    Way to go Chase!

  4. Jeri says:

    Way to go Chase! HUGE congrats to Susan and Kearney, too!