Que Pasta?

November 2, 2010

The puppies still don’t have eyes this morning.  They won’t be two weeks old until tomorrow and we all know a watched puppy will not open its eyes.  They have begun lurching around the whelping box like drunken sailors, barking miniature Cardi barks.  They are used to being handled and cuddle up so I can sniff puppy breath — what a great pick-me-up.  Time to clip the ends of their little nails to save their mom.  All four are voracious eaters and the weights reflect it.

Sleeping off the meal 11-2-2010

Besides her regular (increased amount) two raw meals a day, Leidy is free-feeding on Taste of the Wild and has been through almost 15 pounds of the stuff in two and a half weeks.

Leidy and the babies 11-2-2010

Vaccine and microchips are ordered and should be here tomorrow — not that I need them yet — and a new supply of  Wubbas is on its way as well — I’ll need those very soon.  I have wormer here so will begin dosing everyone before too long.

My Element is on a recall for the ignition and it’s due for servicing, so tomorrow morning I must take it to the dealer in Rio Rancho — THAT’S out of my way, but then it will be done before I start the daily trek to Santa Fe on the 15th.  The trial in Federal Court up there will only last three days, but they will be the longest days ever.

Chase is entered at Knoxville this weekend.  It will be his first time in the conformation ring since June.  I think Cheryl will be holding him down because he LOVES being a show dog!


  1. Amy says:

    How time flies with babies around! They look so grown up already, before you know it they’ll be asking for the car keys:-)) Very pretty puppies Penni!

  2. C-Myste says:

    My experience with Cardigan puppies is that 14 days is the usual time for eyes to open. Other breeds that I have had it’s been more like 10 days.

    Can’t wait to see them!

    • myeye says:

      They will be two weeks old tomorrow — I am so ready for the little guys to hear and to see. There is nothing like a row of Cardigan puppies saying hi in the morning, or when you come in from work, or even when you just stick your head into their room. I LOVE puppies!

  3. Jenn says:

    Good to see my girl and her kids are doing well. What fat little babies! I see Leidy has been enjoying the dirt, with that familiar ring around the edge of her nose, I can almost see her saying, “Digging, me? or no, never.”

  4. Keith & Jo says:

    Oh the babies are looking great! Soon the peepers will open and then poor Leidy, they will move in like homing missles. 🙂

  5. carol says:

    The puppies are beautiful! Good luck, Chase in the Knoxville Shows!