Remodeling The Puppy Pen

November 11, 2010

It was time to expand, time to add a bathroom for the babies.  I bought one of the 4′ x 6′ pvc mats on which people place gym equipment.  It is very heavy, slightly textured (non-slip), can stand up to teeth and toenails and disinfectant.  The mat is on top of the indoor/outdoor carpet, which is on top of a tarp (still thinking I can save my new floor in the puppy room).  One side of the whelping box is removed and I add two extensions.  The removed side becomes the end of the extensions.  I fill it with shavings (very inexpensive at any one of the feed stores here in the village), and voila — we have a puppy bathroom.  They are not so sure about this expansive space, but probably by tomorrow they will have figured out they can play in the whelping box area and potty in the shavings.  THAT will be wonderful.

Looks very big to a puppy 11-11-2010Note Victor sleeping against his cow toy

Remodeled Puppy pen2 11-11-2010Puppy view from the shavings end

Reconfigured puppy space 11-11-2010Mom on her cot — out of reach

Udi dozing 11-11-2010If I could keep another boy — sigh!

Stove Space-missing tile 11-11-2010In case you wonder what Holmes has been up to . . .

A new stove will be in this space on Saturday.  In the meantime, the old one is moved out of the space and Holmes is destroying the tile and the spray foam insulation every chance he gets.  Tonight I caught the Dink helping him.  I really have baddogs!


  1. Tony says:

    Victor looks so cute cuddled up to his cow toy

  2. Oh My Dog!!! Did Holmes eet the stowve???

  3. Taryn says:

    At least Holmes did not decide to chew on the corner of that cabinet!

    How adorable with that cow toy!

  4. Builder Mama says:

    I was watching them on the puppycam last night – it was probably around 2 PM your time – and all four of them were wrestling up a storm! So cute. The cow toy seems to be a favorite.

    Oh, Holmes. Holmes, Holmes, Holmes. You have a red compatriot at my house who is probably envious you have something like this to do!

  5. Jean from NM says:

    I think I’m going to have to stop watching the puppycam. I’m getting addicted and not getting ANYTHING done, including work.

    Have you considered putting a camera in the kitchen area and a loud speaker on your home phone? Then when you see the baddogs starting to attack the kitchen tile/insulation, you can call home and speak loudly to them. “STOP”