The End of Another Weekend

November 14, 2010

Have you noticed how short the weekend days are?  I spent a great deal of the weekend preparing for a Federal trial that begins Monday.  That included going into Albuquerque today to pick up 80 pounds of chicken backs and necks and beef liver.  I splurged on a 20.6 Cu. Ft. freezer and am happily filling it up as I find meat on sale.  Yesterday we got a great deal on ground chuck and loin porkchops.  It is the dog freezer and I know they are dreadfully grateful for my thoughtfulness.

Today, in preparation for the puppy party on December 11th (who else is coming to visit?), I brought home and assembled a hammered steel fire pit and a big firewood holder.  Next weekend I will waylay one of the pickups that park along our road to bring a load of wood to my house.  I plan to spend the four days over Thanksgiving unpacking the rest of the boxes and putting things away.  Mike is hanging pegboard so I have a place for my tools (in the laundry room) and for ribbons and rosettes in the dog room.  He’s already replaced a number of very faint light fixtures with fixtures that give off enough light to read the newspaper.  I have three pendant lights for him to hang over the coffee bar that divides the kitchen and family room.

The new appliances arrived yesterday.  In addition to the freezer there is a new 5-burner gas range, a virtually silent dishwasher, and a Vinotemp wine refrigerator (probably will also come in handy for the puppy party).  The wine refrigerator had two little dents in the top when it was delivered so today the Lowes manager refunded another 10% (it was on sale for 20% off to start with).  It holds 24 bottles of wine.  People taking their desert vacation should really appreciate it.

The BIG news is that I found the top sheet to the set I wanted on my bed.  So — I moved in on September 25th and have been hunting for that sheet ever since.  We used sheets and towels to pack with fragile items, and there it was, doing its duty, protecting breakables.

My only immediate neighbor told me yesterday that she is going to sell her home and move.  Her husband has terminal cancer and is now hospitalized, she works in Albuquerque, and the combination is more than she can deal with.  I wonder who will buy the place.  It’s laid out oddly.

Susan Shields called to tell me that Chase had an excellent herding weekend and is ready for his PT in Kentucky next weekend.  If he earns the two legs, it will not only give him the PT title, but also allow us to apply for a VC (pretty sure that’s not Viet Cong) from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, AND it will be the final points his beautiful Mom Alice needs for her Register of Merit Silver designation.

So, I’m done rambling on.  Let me show you how the weekend ended in Los Lunas NM — from my backyard.

Back gate at sunset 11-14-2010The back gate with the sun setting behind it

Sunset southwest 11-14-2010And slightly southwest, Merry Christmas is baking holiday cookies

Goodnight everyone.  I’ll report in after the trial is over to update you on the sweet babies who will be four weeks old on Wednesday.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I SOOO love that gate! Add that incredible sunset and it is near perfection.