They Also Have Thanksgiving in Tennessee

November 26, 2010

This report just in from Tennessee.  Susan has to work today so yesterday was duck-herding and turkey-eating day.  Chase is treated as the king he believes he is.  Look at this — crystal dish for his turkey wing and vegetables.

Chase - the good china and a turkey leg w veggies 11-25-2010Good dogs like Thanksgiving

Chase - is grace over 11-25-2010So how long until this Grace gets here?

Chase - Ate the veggies first 11-25-2010Good boy!  He ate the veggies first

Then you wait an hour before you go ducking.  A herding we will go, a herding we will go, Hi-Ho the derry-o, a Herding we will go.

Chase - Runaway Duck 11-25-2010Run Away Bride — or is that Bird?

Chase - Hup 2 3 4  11-25-2010Hup Two – Three – Four!

Chase - right direction 11-25-2010Perfect Speed, Perfect Formation

PERFECT THANKSGIVING!  Thanks to Cheryl and Susan who treat the Chaseman as some kind of royalty (other than a royal pain in the rear).

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  1. Builder Mama says:

    Chase looks so happy with his beautiful crystal plate! He is such a handsome boy.