Trial and Tribulation

November 17, 2010

I have been rolling out of bed at 4:30 AM, feeding dogs, showering, getting dressed, on the road by 6:15 to drive to Albuquerque to pick up my high school assistant, then on to Santa Fe.  We park in a very special garage (given the price for a day of parking, it must be very special), then to the old Federal Courthouse.  Spend the day in trial, drive back to Albuquerque, drop Haley at her house, go to the office to research issues, print off cases, etc.  Drive home and be there by 9:30.  I did it Monday, and Tuesday, and this morning — up til the point of being in trial.  A half hour into today the Assistant United States Attorney ran seriously afoul of a rule of evidence and ultimately the District Court Judge declared a mistrial.  That means we start over with a new jury on January 18th.

I am so very weary, but will take tomorrow off to play with the puppies (photos, I promise), and to do some housework.  I’m pretty worried that if I don’t take vacuum in hand the County might condemn my house.  That would be bad.

A VERY huge thanks to “Jean from NM” who gave the puppies an afternoon meal and played with each of them this week.   She kept me from going over the edge.


  1. Jean from NM says:

    Oh, no! You have to do it all over again? I hope you take a couple of days off. I really enjoyed my time playing with those puppies. You counted them, didn’t you? Yup, four. I didn’t even think of puppy-napping any one of them. Those puppies are MOVERS!

  2. Builder Mama says:

    Serious bummer…just something to look forward to in January, eh?

    Yesterday, I was watching the Fearless Foursome – or trying to – as they were all in the shavings and out of camera range. Lots of flying cedar! Finally Smooch came back over after a few tentative tries to get out of the shavings, she was pretty cute.

  3. C-Myste says:

    You’re going to really need that pie by the time we take the desert vacation. Or a stiff drink.

  4. mandy says:

    Wish planes to the desert didn’t cost half a puppy!

    • myeye says:

      It’s still more than 21 days to the puppy party and Southwest is running some great specials (book 21 days in advance). Example, Mandy, you can fly to Albuquerque and home to Spokane for $426. Once you are here, I’ll pick you up and take you to the Asylum Bed and Breakfast. Plenty of beds, food and wine here.

  5. Cheryl Kienast says:

    Gosh, I only get up at 0-dark-thirty for dog shows! Trials are a pain in the caboose! Baad ADA! Boo-hiss! Take a few naps, snuggle with the puppies and eat ice cream. You’ll feel better soon!