December, 2010

  1. The WordPerfect Saga

    December 31, 2010 by myeye

    As some of you know, I bought my first computer in 1985.  It had a DOS operating system and the word processing program was WordPerfect 1.1.  Microsoft wasn’t.  Windows wasn’t.  That used IBM that I purchased for $3,000 had a tiny memory, and I don’t recall having reliable external methods of saving computer-generated data.  It got me through law school, however, and through the first couple of years as a lawyer.  As time passed, I upgraded my WordPerfect program (and bought many newer, faster, computers with greater memory).  I installed Microsoft Office Suite (which includes Word) only because other people were using Word, and the internet happened, documents were being passed around, and I wanted to be able to open and read or edit those documents.  WordPerfect was always the program with which I was the most comfortable.  If you look at any of the comments on word processing programs, the one thing that sets WP apart is the command “Reveal Codes”.  If you reveal codes, you can see where the “Hard Center” command actually appears so it might be deleted, etc.  WP also has a built-in conversion to .pdf — “publish to .pdf” which we must do to file in Federal Court.

    Anyway, last March I upgraded to WP Office X4.  When I called Corel to buy the upgrade, the sales person failed to tell me that WP X5 had been released in February, and it was compatible with Windows 7, which XP4 was not.  Bad sales person!  So, I installed WP X4 on the desktop, on which I run XP Pro and tried to install it on the laptop that I take to Court and use to work at home.  X4 would not install.  As always, I assumed it was just me — though I’ve had a computer for some time (24 years), I’m really a techno-weinie.  There is so much I do not know how to do.  So, I fiddled with installing X-4 for several months.  Finally, I went to the Corel chat room and found that X4 does not work with Windows 7 — so, well, crud!

    This week, in an effort to spend money (sigh), I contacted Corel to purchase the X5 upgrade.  Done.  I receive an email to which is attached a copy of a license that I cannot print, and there is no download button.  How strange is that.  I called Customer Service, heard that there was no one ahead of me, and I would be talking to a person in three seconds.  NOT!  I spent a total of nearly two hours on hold over a two-day period.  So, I visited the on-line chat with a tech support person.  After much checking, she determined that Sales had failed to attach the downloader to my confirmation, AND that only Customer Service could help me.  After thirty minutes on hold, I called Sales directly.  The Sales person looked at my record (which shows a long and faithful relationship with Corel) and said she would send an email to the customer service person with whom she deals directly.  She said that person would call me.  NO!  Send me an email with the downloader link — please.

    This morning it arrived.  Corel gave me the full X5 standard version rather than just the upgrade, apologized for the screw-ups, and asked me to contact them if there is anything else I need.  So, WP X5 is downloaded on the laptop.  I am now one step closer to working from home because I will be able to open and edit documents from here, and file them electronically on the Federal Court website.  My internet speed at the house is outrageously fast (Comcast fiber optic beats the heck out of Qwest DSL).

    Meanwhile, my high school helper Haley is more than half way through scanning my active files.  The little Fujitsu SnapScan is a gem — can handle up to 1000 documents a day.  Haley should finish the active files before she goes back to school Wednesday.  Then I’m going to have her start on the closed files so that I might truly be paperless.  Whoo Hoo!

    In summary:  Sorry this was so boring — you’ve no idea how exciting it is for me.  My work-from-home plan nears reality, and once again Corel has proven that it makes good on its products.  I could have awakened one or more of you with a phone call early this morning, but decided that would be cruel — and a waste of time — when I could bore all of you at one time with a post.

  2. Today’s Office Dog in Training

    December 30, 2010 by myeye

    I believe each puppy should go somewhere new — and all alone.  Today Victor made the field trip to the office.  He took it in stride and had a great time because Adrienne and the daughter of one of the web designers were both here to play with him.  Of course the grown-ups (using the term loosely) all turned into mush and spoke baby-talk to him.  I had so much stuff to carry that I forgot the camera, so you are getting cell phone photos.  He’s at the airplane-ear age and as cute as a button.  The collar didn’t bother him at all and now he’s dragging a little leash behind him.  What a cute baby!  Lucky George and Connie.

    Under the Office Chair — his dad’s favorite spot

    Checking out his ride

    Big day for a little boy

  3. More Chase In Snow Photos

    December 29, 2010 by myeye

    Additional photos from Cheryl taken the day after Christmas.

    In the woods

    Alert to things that go bump in the night

  4. They Met Me At The Front Door

    December 28, 2010 by myeye

    Okay!  How did they get out?  I have no idea, but there were four little puppies at my front door — and they were so happy to see me.  I’m quite sure they were not out long (about the amount of time I spent on the way home picking up some CD-RWs).  I guess that made me a few minutes late by their little clocks.  The only evidence of their wild run through the house was in the master bath.  If it had been Chase, all rolls of toilet paper would have been strung from one end of the house to the other.  However, the babies haven’t had as much practice as has their dad.

  5. The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Photo Added

    December 27, 2010 by myeye

    One year I found an all Cardigan calendar — loved it.  I got one of the Irish CWC calendars, but the writing was way too small.  Then the Irish CWC Society sent me a complimentary calendar (when I whined about the small type).  The photos on both calendars were great, but the second one had no hole for hanging it on the wall.   Then I ordered a Western Reserve Calendar — it was nice.

    BUT TODAY FedEx brought me an all-Cardigan, all-Chase calendar.  Cheryl takes great photos.  Chase is a ham.  Susan is a super referee.  Together they built me a 13-month calendar of Chase — at Dollywood, at the entrance to the Smoky Mountain Visitor Center, herding, just looking like his funny, sweet self, riding a tractor.  I couldn’t help myself — I cried over it.  All the herding trials are marked with little sheep, and there is Cardi clipart celebrating the major holidays.  Important birthdays, including those of his children are on the calendar.  This is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.  I’m trying to figure out how to take photos of it to post on the blog.  The best part is that every day, I will look up and Chase will be sitting, standing, or running by me, grinning his great Cardigan grin with that evil twinkle in his eye.  Even a couple thousand miles away, he is my baddog.

    The Cover

    Thank you so very much.  I love it.