a December 4th, 2010

  1. You Know It’s A Small Village When

    December 4, 2010 by myeye

    . . . they close for four hours the only road across the river — for miles — to hold a Christmas event. The road is called Main Street for a reason.  It is also called Highway 6.  The dogs were fed, I had a list, and I was on a mission — until I came to the road block.  There were pedestrians strolling around, some events scheduled in the park, and no cars could go through.  This is the road to I-25, to Lowes and Home Depot and Walmart.  So, I turned around, stopped at a grocery store on my side of the village, bought food, makings for a green chile/chicken stew, found drumsticks for the dogs for $ .99/lb. and stocked up.  I’ll get the rest of the stuff on my list in the morning when the road across the river should be re-opened.

  2. Saturday Afternoon Puppy Videos

    December 4, 2010 by myeye

    This is a lucky day for the puppy video junkies.  It’s shirt sleeve weather here so we all went outside — big dogs, little dogs, people.  The puppies did some serious exploring and their big brother Holmes started their “playing” lessons.

    More fun milling around.

  3. Saturday Morning Puppy Video

    December 4, 2010 by myeye

    For you puppy video junkies, here are the Fearsome Foursome in a Saturday morning wrestling match.

  4. Theory and Practice

    December 4, 2010 by myeye

    Leidy has rejoined General Population and the very badpuppies are alone to make their messes and try to foil the mystery lady’s plans for their “puppy area”.

    First about Leidy.  She seems to be delighted for the company of adults.  She was getting weary of baby talk — especially during the past two weeks when the baybeez (with their sharp little teeth) grabbed at her whenever she went in to check on them.  Honestly, I don’t think she cared a whit for their welfare.  She just wanted to see if there was any puppy food that she could boost.  Unfortunately, Holmes is a 14-1/2 month old boy.  He thinks Leidy smells yummy and is picking up where he left off which is jumping her bones every time she walks by.  She’s not in season, though could come in the middle of the month.  In any case, he is indiscriminately forcing his affection upon her.  He knows nothing about the fine art of dog breeding so fumbles about.  When Leidy has had enough of his clumsy advances, she gives him a growl and a nip.  He then goes into a crate, plays with toys for a few minutes, totally forgets what he was doing, comes out and tries again.  Jenn (Leidy’s person) will be arriving Friday evening for the puppy party.  On Sunday Leidy-Lou will fly with her to Salt Lake City and then take the drive to Elko.  I don’t think I’ll mind being down to just two adult dogs and the puppies.

    Now — about those puppies — they are just too cute!  They all want turns being held and played with, and I am happy to oblige.  They had their first shots on Wednesday evening (six weeks old) and were wormed again.  We have graduated from the turkey/goat milk/olive oil/yoghurt/pumpkin gruel to having snacks of chicken wings.  I break two wings in half and each puppy can attack a piece of wing, growling ferociously as he/she subdues it.  We have the usual trading off of pieces, and all wanting the same piece.  They’re little barbarians (of the cutest sort).

    Red puppies resting up for the next assault

    Our biggest issue is water.  They need access to water.  To me that means there is a water jug that empties into a bowl so they can get a drink whenever they need it.  I’ve not been able to thwart their special genius for pulling the jug over, spilling water everywhere and then playing in the resulting puddle of wet shavings.  Finally, I put a flat (1-1/2″ deep) quiche dish in the corner of the pen.  It doesn’t hold a lot of water, they can walk in it if they choose, but they don’t seem to have figured out how to dump it (yet).  They are about ready to learn to use the dog door and go out into their own yard.  One of my weekend chores is to fill in the cavern that Leidy dug out there.  I don’t want to lose puppies down what appears to be a mine shaft.

    Victor with his Kong Puppy Frisbee

    Reba — doesn’t she look like she should be cuddled?

    Our Smooch — always first to the wall to say hi

    Udi – he has a leonine presence (plus that Taz look)

    Fire wood will be delivered today so we can enjoy the fire pit next weekend.  I found fatwood on ebay and it should be here Thursday.  My mission this weekend is to put together a utility cabinet (my sole Black Friday purchase), empty the rest of the boxes, take stuff I don’t need to the storage unit.  I’m not going to vacuum until Thursday because if I dust and vacuum this weekend, I will have to vacuum Thursday anyway.

    I can’t wait for all the party guests to meet the little heathens (and vice versa).  There is still room at the inn if anyone else cares to join us next Saturday at 2:00.