a December 5th, 2010

  1. Overcrowding

    December 5, 2010 by myeye

    Overcrowding is a problem in much of the world. Here at home it is occurring in my family room. There are three wire Precision Pro crates set out. The doors are open except when dogs are eating. There are two very roomy ones and a slightly smaller one. Leidy picked the smaller one once she was released to General Population. If that’s where Leidy is going to hang out, then that is also where Holmes will be. He loves Leidy (I still can’t leave a collar on her because he has a mission to free Leidy from her earthly confines.) So this is how it looks from kitchen bar toward computer:

    Empty crate

    Inca in Crate

    Leidy and Holmes in the littlest crate

    Aside from looking long-suffering, Leidy seems to have no issue with the squatter.

    . . . and then it gets even more crowded.

    The child lacks basic manners

  2. This I Know Cause AKC Tells Me So

    December 5, 2010 by myeye

    I checked Chase’s “Titles and Points” on the AKC website.  In Herding, AKC lists only the highest title earned.  That’s a bummer because the HT and PT are not required to go on to trialing.  In fact, a dog may “start” in Advanced classes.  Once a dog earns an HC (Herding Champion) designation, all underlying titles are supposed to drop off.  Because there are many choices (in addition to Started, Intermediate and Advanced, all may be earned on ducks, sheep or cattle, and there are three courses A, B, and C), it would be nice when seeing an HC before a dog’s name to know how the dog earned it.  In any case, Chase’s PT is listed.  He’s herding today with Susan.  Next weekend he’s entered in Breed at Winston-Salem.

    CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit Of Happiness CD RN PT – DN19929808
    Conformation – Awards Processed Through 18-NOV-2010
    Number of Points 19
    Number Major Wins 3
    Number Major Judges 3
    Total Number Judges 6

    Number of Points 11
    Number Major Wins 1
    Number Major Judges 1
    Total Number Judges 7
    Events w/CH Defeated 4

    Herding Test – Awards Processed Through 03-DEC-2010
    Number Qualifying Scores 2
    Number Different Judges 2

    Number Qualifying Scores 2
    Number Different Judges 2

    Obedience – Awards Processed Through 20-NOV-2010
    Number of Points 0
    Number Different Judges 4
    Number Qualifying Scores 4
    Wins in Open 0
    Number Wins Utility 0
    Additional Specialty Wins Open 0
    Additional Specialty Wins Utility 0
    Number of Master Points Open 0
    Number of Master Points Utility 0

    Rally – Awards Processed Through 13-NOV-2010
    Number Different Judges 3
    Number Qualifying Scores 3

  3. Where’s the Newspaper?

    December 5, 2010 by myeye

    I wandered out at 5:30 this morning to pick up the Sunday ad inserts (last week the paper came in two packages — one news and the other ads).  No paper yet.  I wandered back out at 7:00.  No paper.  But what to my wondering eyes should appear, but another gorgeous New Mexico morning sky.


    Due West

    Moving Contrail East-southeast

    Moving contrail through clouds underlit by the rising sun

    “Due to production problems, your newspaper will be delivered by 8:00 AM.”  Know what?  That’s okay!