a December 7th, 2010

  1. Leidy is Today’s Office Dog

    December 7, 2010 by myeye

    Leidy went to see Dr. Donny this morning to get her hall pass.  Sunday she is flying home with Jenn, leaving the little Heathens behind.  After her vet appointment, she came to the office with me — and it may be the first time she’s spent the day in this space.  The first order of business was to clean out the Chihuahua’s little food bowl.  It happened so quickly that neither Lola’s owner nor I could stop her — Lola’s not here today.  With that chore completed, Leidy found a good place to sprawl in my office and has been making herself comfortable.  I think she considers getting away from both Holmes and the Foursome as a major vacation.  I can’t imagine what she’s going to tell Jenn’s other dogs when she gets home — pretty sure, in some respects, it won’t be flattering.