a December 20th, 2010

  1. So, My Theme Is Inaccurate

    December 20, 2010 by myeye

    I have wanted for a long time to name puppies after newspapers — and this was the litter.  But the theme should have been Apocalypse Now. This evening, Cheryl K called me as I was driving home. I sat in the driveway and talked with her for about twenty minutes – apparently a very bad idea! You’ll never believe what was going on in the house. Three of the puppies staged a jail break. They pulled down the floor lamp on which the puppy cam was mounted and disconnected the puppy cam (so we couldn’t watch?). They pooped and peed on the indoor outdoor rug that is under and surrounding the pen. They ran in and out of their little crates, turned them on their sides, took the towels out of them, ate the little rubber cushions off the door openers. They chewed on the edge of the carpet and on the edge of the tarp that is under it. BEASTIES!!!

    I rounded them up, put them back in the pen, scooped up the poop, righted the little crates, threatened the little demons with a sudden death, then went into the kitchen to fix their dinner. I listened to the grumbling that followed me. I took them their dinner, put them in their little crates, let them eat, took them back out and — voila! — I have nice little puppies again.  Apparently I won’t like them when they’re hungry.

  2. Hang ‘Em High and Miscellaneous

    December 20, 2010 by myeye

    I used to have a garage (and will here as well — hopefully this spring).  Everything for which I did not have a designated spot went onto shelves in the garage.  Without a garage, I have many boxes of “stuff” that have no home.  I’m trying to make better use of wall space.  To that end, I bought a sheet of white pegboard, had it cut in half and hung one of those halves on the laundry room wall.  That’s where my tools are now.  When Mandy and Carolyn were here, they assembled a utility cabinet for me (while I took Jenn to the airport).  It’s filling up with cleaners and other bulky stuff that won’t hang on the walls.

    That left a half sheet of pegboard which is now in my dog room (NOT to be confused with the puppy room).  A hundred or so tiny safety pins, some ornament hangers and — voila!  The ribbon collection is out of a box.  I’m almost done hanging everything.

    In other late evening and overnight news:

    Susan Shields called to tell me that Chase had a very good herding session yesterday.  He is learning how far he must stay from his livestock so they don’t feel pressured, and that he shouldn’t run the sheep over Susan.

    The puppies, which have been eating in small crates for a week, last night spent their first overnight each in an individual crate.  We had some hollering for the first half hour, then we all went to sleep — there were no accidents!  Such good puppies!  Now we begin some basic leash training.

    The cute little baybeez made The Daily Corgi this morning.  Shopping in my refrigerator was worth a post.

    I guess I must go to work — I hate to leave them here without me to play with.