Holmes v Hedgehog — No Contest

December 10, 2010

While Carolyn and I were sorting through digital photos and talking about the puppies, Holmes had to entertain himself.  He wandered into another room, found a box of toys that I intended to repair, and made off with the hedgehog.  Parental discretion is advised while viewing these photos.

They were ignoring me

Do you suppose they’ve noticed yet?

It was a messy job, but somebody had to do it


  1. DeAnn Nelson says:

    Poor Holmes, it sucks when all the attention is paid to the stoopid puppies and none to him. Poor boy.

  2. Dawn says:

    At least he was kind enough to confine the mess for you! Poor neglected Holmes…

  3. sandy says:

    Oh…I have found that is a Cardigan trait that new little Cotton displays too….to the tune of ripping Creel’s one and only Mr. Ducksworth apart. Yikes…a toy Creel has had for over a year. Oh, Santa…it’s time to start shopping for the flat dog.

  4. nw says:

    Holmes was saying Ma, MA, MA!!! No one noticed him! They’ll give him attention now, although not what he was hoping for. Poor Baby…

  5. Susan says:

    I was horrified that you displayed picture after picture of the white, fluffy guts – and the dead hedgehog! – with so little notice to us sensitive souls. Surely you realize that some of us don’t have parents readily available offering guidance. Oh my poor eyes – and stomach! I may never be the same again. On the other hand, Kearney immediately decided he must have a hedgehog to disembowel. So I will see what the vendors have available at the shows this weekend

  6. Kathy M. says:

    Congratulations Holmes, you took care of that nasty hedgehog! I think that shredding is a rite of passage.

    When Denali was about this age she dragged a dog bed into the master bathroom, dispatched the zipper on the cover and made quick work of pulling all of the foam stuffing out of the inner lining. I heard sounds indicating that she and Elbee were playing. About ten minutes later it was too quiet and I went to check on them. It looked as if a blizzard had hit! There was foam everywhere and two big, happy smiles while they rolled around in it! (Yes, I have pictures, but am not showing Sage till he is MUCH older!)

  7. Builder Mama says:

    Rufus is extremely jealous, mostly since he hasn’t been allowed to have a stuffed toy in a while due to the fact he disembowels them in approximately 7.2 seconds. He says, “Nice work, Holmes!”