It’s Not Christmas yet, but

December 2, 2010

Vicki at I Need Orange posted this YouTube video.  I laughed, I cried, I marveled at the intricacy of the composition.  I hope you enjoy this even half as much as I did.  Oh, and for CardiClaus.  We are running late because I ordered something for our package and it’s not yet arrived.


  1. Holly says:

    We had the pleasure of seeing SNC live in concert last year. If you love the video, it was 110x better live! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cheryl says:

    WOW! That was A-MAZING! How absolutely fabulous! Thank you!

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing! That was fabulous!!!!

  4. Kathy M. says:

    Very cool!

    (And Ditto on the Special Order Item for my Cardi Claus box.) The official Cardi Postal Inspector, Sage, indicated that our item had been shipped. We should see it any time and he’ll get the box off. Good thing Sage is in charge of this. Denali would have half of the treats eaten by now…Oh wait…Sage, where are you? Gotta go now!

  5. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

    We are big a cappella fans, and this arrangement is really amazing, isn’t it!