Time Flies When You Don’t Get Any Sleep

December 15, 2010

The baybeez are eight weeks old.  Nola (Reba) is staying here.  Victor will be in Minneapolis with George and Connie, Carolyn and I will co-own Smooch with DeAnn and Rich in the Tri-Cities area of Washington.  Udi has not yet been firmly claimed.  I’ll let you know when he tells me where he wants to go.  In the meantime, they are all in their places with bright, shiny faces.  Leidy went home with Jenn (who took a lot of photos that I will sort through this weekend).  I think Carolyn has some very cute photos and hope to see them on her blog.  The baybeez loved all the attention (as did the big dogs).  Holmes is happy that he can visit his little friends without Leidy shouldering him out of the way.  If you noted the shavings look different, it’s because I am trying out the compressed wood pellets.  Many of the horse people here in the village use the pellets in their stalls because of their superior absorbency.

Everyone is working on ears — we have wonderful big, rounded Cardigan ears and I cannot wait until they are up.

Smooch, Victor, Udi, and Nola (f/k/a Reba)

Smooch and Udi




  1. Builder Mama says:

    I really thought you were leaning toward keeping The Smoocher – just shows how much I know!

    Does Udi want to come to Virginia? 🙂

  2. DeAnn says:

    Smoochie is coming to Washington State to do Agility and lots of other fun stuff. We’re very excited to meet her!

  3. Hay Missus Penni yoo kan send wun to Tazmayneeya to be my playmayt if yoo want.

  4. kaye says:

    No stacked photo’s? Good thing you bought a bigger place, for all these beautiful Chase puppers!!

    • myeye says:

      There are stacked photos — Jenn took hundreds and I must go through and find a representative shot for each puppy — they’re a’comin’