January, 2011

  1. Is It Possible To Feel Sorry About a Bank?

    January 30, 2011 by myeye

    Friday night at 5:00 PM, my Community Bank was raided — by the Feds.  They closed it down, fired everyone, and gave it to a giant conglomerate bank.  My ATM card still works, my checks are still good, but my heart’s not in it.  The value of the bank’s assets had slipped to the point at which the Feds decided it was under-capitalized.  I really don’t care because I loved my bank.  I frequented three branches and at all three they knew my name, they gave my dogs biscuits, they helped solve problems.  My four business accounts and my personal account have all been there for many years.  Their logo was turquoise and black (you know how fond of turquoise I am).  I am sad.  I feel so badly for all the people who lost their jobs without notice; I feel badly for the investors whose stake was simply wiped out by the takeover; I feel sorry for me because I loved my bank — and now it’s part of a mega corporation.

    Tomorrow I will be moving everything to my Credit Union.  Poop on the big banking conglomerate.

  2. Show Puppy?

    January 30, 2011 by myeye

    Adrienne and I embarked on a photo-taking effort this morning.  Adrienne has a broken arm — they have a lab puppy that pulled her into a sign post.  The fracture is just above her right wrist.  Of course, she is right-handed.  So, bearing that in mind, we had to use the little Olympus because she couldn’t steady the Nikon, and sometimes she didn’t get the entire puppy in the frame.  However, here are parts of little Nola (who will work for Liver Lips).  Nola is 3 months and a week old.

    Hmmm.  No nose

    Look!  She has a cute nose — but a hand on her rear pastern . . .

    Her camera-side rear foot is turned out — enough!

  3. A HUGE Problem Resolved

    January 30, 2011 by myeye

    This morning I took Adrienne to one of my favorite breakfast places, Weck’s.  The folks at the Weck’s in the Village are delightfully friendly — I love stopping in for breakfast.

    I have been so worried about finding someone to stay with the dogs while I spend the weekend in Tennessee fetching Kissy-puppy and then for the nine days I will be in Houston for our National Specialty.  The woman that stayed in my home in Albuquerque has a full-time job and is used to falling out of bed a half hour before she has to be there.  Since the new house is 45 minutes from her work, it’s too much to ask her to come down and stay.  So, I’ve been trying to find a person that lives down here, is able to spend the night while I’m gone, and feed the dogs morning and evening.

    I mentioned it to the manager at Weck’s this morning and a few minutes later he brought me the woman who is their dishwasher.  She’s been with the company since 1991, lives in Los Lunas, loves dogs, and would be delighted to make a little extra money.  She’s coming out this afternoon to meet the dogs and to see where things are in the house (that would still be in total disarray).  I am so relieved!  Her name is Yvonne and she has no idea that I see her with a golden aura surrounding her.

    So now I can fly off to Tennessee, go to Houston, travel up to Colorado Springs and be sure that the baddogs are being fed and played with.  YES!!!

  4. Holmes and His Little Sister

    January 29, 2011 by myeye

    Holmes loves Nola.  In addition to wrestling with her until neither can stand up,  he loves to share a crate with her.  I think the two of them together are the Cardi version of “the peaceable kingdom”.

    How could he not love her?  She is very cute!

  5. Do We Have Ears?

    January 29, 2011 by myeye

    This morning Nola and I took the tape off her ears.  Holmes wanted to help — so much that he had to be crated.  For those who taped the way I did, here’s how I remove the tape and moleskin.

    Removing the tape and moleskin requires treats.  (Thanks to Tracy at Four Paws Barkery, I have lots of Liver Lips which definitely sooth the savage beast.)  I cut up the center of the princess crown between the ears.  I find an edge of the top piece of tape and begin to work it loose.  I gently peel it away from the tape layer below it.  After a week (which is how long it’s been), the sticky part of the tape has dried a bit, and it can be slowly peeled away from the ear.  I work the layers off one at a time.  Sometimes I make another cut or two up the tape from the bottom being really, really careful not to crop my puppy’s ears.  When the tape is off and I’m down to the hair roller and moleskin, I hold my thumb against the moleskin and my forefinger against the back of the ear to pull off the roller.  I find the moleskin has begun to loosen around the edges, so I gently work it off the inside of the ear.  If any spots are still thoroughly stuck, I wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover and wipe along the stuck side of the moleskin and the ear until it it loosens.  I work my way up the ear until I can remove the moleskin.

    There will still be some adhesive residue which comes off easily with the nail polish remover.

    I put the puppy down, let her shake her head and cavort around — then I offer her a Liver Lip.

    Well, they might be up?

    I think they are — now will they stay?

    Let’s see how her ears are by tomorrow morning.  If they need to be re-taped, we’ll do that.  If they are up, but a little floppy, I’ll put a Breathe Rite strip on the outside back of the floppy ear(s).  I think our little Nola looks a lot like a Cardigan Welsh Corgi this morning — though I do sort of miss that beautiful turquoise princess crown.