a January 8th, 2011

  1. As The Dust Clears (but not the mud)

    January 8, 2011 by myeye

    DeAnn and her mother arrived last night.  We ate dinner and drank some wine.  Then they played with puppies while I put the dishes in the dishwasher.  Victor was the first puppy up on the dishwasher door to provide Cardi pre-wash.  He’s a little devil.

    Victor wants to be the kitchen dog

    Speaking of Victor, George called last night.  He’s in Albuquerque and plans to take this week sight-seeing, then pick up Victor on Saturday morning and head home.  He’s driving with a 12 week old puppy.  Very brave man!  George made arrangements to come over this morning so he could see the entire litter before it scattered.  So this morning George and DeAnn and her mom were here, then Brock and Adrienne came over and brought their lab puppy “Storm”.  So Holmes and Storm romped in the back 40 in the mud — what an awful mess they’ve made.  The rest of us took little-puppy photos.  We need more practice, but here they are.

    Smooch on the Roomba

    Nola — yes, I know my hand is there

    Smooch — yes, I know her hocks are not perpendicular

    Udi — the happy baby

    “more cheese, please”

    Victor — trying to please

    Just didn’t get quite straight-on

    It was amateur hour in the photo studio, but we tried — this is how they looked just an hour before Udi and Smooch headed for the airport, and George went back to his hotel.  I went to the office and worked on the Bulletin for a few hours — until my InDesign program did something so quirky that I’ll have to call Adobe support on Monday.

    It’s so quiet here.  Nola and Victor are curled up and absolutely silent.  They don’t understand where their brother and sister went, and I think they’re sad.  So am I.  I know the babies are going to great homes — I KNOW IT — but I will miss them.  I’ll miss adventurous, athletic Smooch and always happy Udi.  I did receive a great gift from DeAnn:  she brought me the metal Chase-Shadow because now she has a real Chase-Shadow.  I must put him in a place of honor near my lasered gate.  She’s promised lots of photos.  I know little Smooch will do us proud!