a January 12th, 2011

  1. Getting Ready To Go

    January 12, 2011 by myeye

    George isn’t taking Victor (to be called Rhys) until Saturday, but he needed a mid-week puppy fix so came over this evening.  He watched me whip up a swell meal of yoghurt and Missing Link Plus, some frozen Normandy Blend veggies, and chicken drumsticks.  We did a little leash training with Nola and Rhys — liberal treating and reminders to use the happy voice.  I gave the third puppy shots and a final worming.  I think George and Connie are going to have a great time with this little guy.  I’m looking forward to reports of his escapades.

    Here are George and Rhys.

  2. Building a Fire Under My Printer

    January 12, 2011 by myeye

    My home printer is little and cheap because I do most bigger copying jobs at the office.  It is sometimes a pain.  It won’t feed the paper (though it does much better if you put only ten sheets in the tray at a time) — very frustrating!

    Woodpile under the printer

    Haven’t you ever wanted to do that — just set fire to something and watch it burn?

    Actually what you see in this photo is Holmes’ woodpile.  You’ll remember I had wood delivered so we could build a fire in the firepit and sit around it in the evening.  That didn’t happen during the crazy puppy party period, but the wood is stacked on the patio. Holmes likes to carry things and his current mission is to transport a half-cord of firewood through the dog door and into the family room.  When he brings it in, I stack it on the return of my desk — which happens to be the home of the printer.  I’m moving it all back to the wood pile, but thought the configuration of wood and cheap little printer gave rise to some flaming good ideas.

    Reasons why I’ve not been blogging daily — I’m trying to get the CWCCA Bulletin to the printer.  There are so many things to do besides building pretty ads and inserting articles.  I have suddenly become backed up at work with loads of little projects and a couple of big ones.   Two puppies have left, the third leaves this Saturday, so there are still puppies to take care  of — and then there will be one.  She’s too little to stay with the big dogs so I suppose she will come to the office most days.  Once Kissy comes home in mid-February, Nola will have a friend and I will be able to leave them home in the puppy pen/yard.  I’m still working on the house because there will be company right after I get back from Tennessee, then the first weekend in March.  In mid-March we will retry the case that ended in a mistrial last November.  Then the National Specialty is in Houston from April 9th through the 16th.  Nola’s first show and the continuation of Holmes’ career will be in mid-May.  Even Kissy will be ready for the Colorado Springs shows in mid-June.

    Meanwhile, it’s time to assimilate the mini-wood pile with the real wood pile.