January 1, 2011

The last year sped by.  I must not have been paying attention.  So now it’s time to start another.  I don’t make resolutions anymore because I disappoint myself by day four.  I simply attempt to do the good things I did last year and really consider the not-so-good before I repeat them.

Last night I didn’t put the puppies in their individual crates.  When I do, they think they need to go outside at 5:00 AM — I REALLY wanted to sleep in.  So, no one woke me up until 7:00 and that was Holmes cleaning my face.  Inca joined in and I gave up.  7:00 is definitely past breakfast time.  I turned on the puppies’ light and they allowed as how they were also ready for breakfast.  Everyone fed, I decided a little puppy torture was in order.  I put them in an open cube, got out the camera — wait — Smooch, come back here.  I forgot how athletic she is.  I caught her a few times and then gave up.  So, you won’t see much of her in these photos.  DeAnn will be here next Saturday and we will try for some good photos of all the babies.

I feel fortunate to start my year with puppy breath and puppy kisses.  It would be nice to hold that warm feeling for the next twelve months.  That’s what I wish for every one of you as well.

Nola, Udi, Victor — with Smooch behind



Smooch and Victor

Victor, Udi, the back of Nola’s head

Victor. Nola and Udi looking for Smooch


  1. Builder Mama says:

    Victor’s ears are absolutely adorable. Smooch has become quite the escape artist, hasn’t she?

    Happy New Year to you and the four-legged gang! Not many better ways to wake up other than a face full of Holmes and Inca kisses!

  2. S says:

    Mine don’t do the kissy thing to wake me up. All I hear is them thumping down their “bed steps”, and I know I need to be up. The pups are looking like they are rarin’ to go. Soon none of them will stay in the cube.